Your Plans for EMC 1.9?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Ritunn, May 21, 2016.


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1.9 22 vote(s) 61.1%
1.8 14 vote(s) 38.9%
  1. So when EMC updates to 1.9 what do you plan to do? I personally am looking forward to visiting my favorite world in Minecraft, The End for Chorus Fruit for my farm.
    Also please don't say anything that may cause another PvP argument I'm getting tired of it.
  2. I want to find the chorus plants and beets ^_^ then start crafting shields and custom banner shields for my shop ^_^
  3. I will attempt to get used to it all lol. I haven't played 1.9 much, but shields are definitely interesting to have. We'll see how it goes, right?
  4. Collect Stuff
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  5. Chorus farm and end rampage.
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  6. Get a boat and take a friend on a boat ride so we can reach a remote place to start a small mining operation much more quickly :cool:

    I'm honestly looking forward to having that ability :)
  7. Ice boats and Elytras. :D
  8. Get frosty boots and walk across the ocean.
  9. Oh that will be fun. Take that, poseidon!

    I will head to the End and get my wings. After that I will work on getting the Mending enchantment.
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  10. Click my signature!
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  11. Love that, in my solo world I did that with Frost Walker on some boots I called God's Nikes.
  12. God's Nikes, that's awesome. I'm stealing that name by the way. lol
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  13. Probably cry and then eventually adjust to the new play style :p
  14. I have not played on 1.9 AT ALL, and neither have I kept up with any of the news on it, so I'll dive straight into it on EMC, and hope for the best :p To be honest, I'm quite sure I'll hate it, just because that's how I am; I generally don't like change, and am lazy, so I'll probably not like the pvp/pve changes (please don't make an argument about those here), but meh, I'll just have to live with it, and hate my life the coming months or whatever lol.
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  15. Most likely absolutely nothing. I haven't played this game properly since 1.6 lol.
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  16. My plan is to do nothing, like every update :p
  17. Hang out at pvp, or go to the end.
  18. Run through the end to find elytras and ender dragon heads then build a grave for 1.8 combat.
  19. Stop shooting me skeletons :(
  20. blow up another single player map to test out my 16GB RAM upgrade to this 4 yr old computer lol
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