Your 'life's biggest questions' thread

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  1. Title says it all. Share what your biggest questions are about life. Give your thoughts on a few.

    Goes without saying: Be respectful to other people's beliefs please. I don't want no arguments 'round these parts.

    Time to get philosophical :cool:
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  2. What is the meaning of life?
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  3. 42. nuff said.
  4. This is one that's always been on my mind. I abandoned a belief in God in the traditional sense when I was about 10 and jumped ship in a belief completely when I was around 13. As a result, I don't have a 'I was put here to spread happy messages, the word of whomever, and whatnot', I went with the route of 'I was put here simply to ensure my species' survival' and in all honesty, I think it put me into a state of extreme negativity. Around March (so about a month ago lol) I asserted myself with some shortish-term goal and made my meaning for life be 'to have experiences and live it to the full as best I can' - you most likely get one shot at it, might as well do the best I can - and I became so much happier and stuff because of it and actually wanted to do well in my GCSEs, and my fear of death 're-awakened'. I lost my reasons to think like this about a week ago now and I'm questioning the meaning of it again - I'm also back at a point where I don't care if I died or was diagnosed with some terminal illness tomorrow, 'it just happens' and 'I don't have a purpose, there's no point in sticking around longer than I need to'. In the words of a Lana Del Rey song title, we're 'Born to Die'.

    I mean, if I was diagnosed with cancer or something along those lines tomorrow, I would care and I'd panic and be afraid. I'd probably find some other meaning for my life and cling on to that and be extremely scared of dying. It's just right now, at this very second, my life doesn't seem all that important to me (other people's do though).

    That question made me write the ugliest paragraph ever. I think that's meaning enough... whatever that's supposed to mean. .-.
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  5. Is morality actually a thing?

    When someone does a good thing, is it simply because it is the right thing to do, or do ulterior motives always exist, even when it is something as little as the 'feel-good factor'?
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  6. I have a good one: "What am I having for tea tomorrow?"
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  7. When you eat corn, it is chewed up and broken up. You swallow it. When you go to the restroom, it comes out normal. How?
  8. Corn grows so quickly, it regrows inside your stomach.

    No but seriously, I think you sometimes miss chewing one properly, and because magic it stays intact :p
  9. I made a new life's biggest question before: 'What on Earth is a restroom?'. I mean, it got answered by Google straight away pretty much, but still...
  10. What happens after you die?

    Personally, the only theory I choose to believe sounds a bit silly. I don't know exactly what it is called other than The Egg. I shared it a while back.

    Basically, everybody is you and you are everybody. When you die, you become somebody else. Everybody you interact with is you in another life. You are Hitler, Jesus, Budha, Trump, Sanders, Aikar, and many more. This belief it what keeps me from going off the deep end.
  11. You're not alone in this. I believe this to some extent to.

    What if I'm just an AI placed into some kind of simulation where I live, die, get placed into some other person's body, and repeat? I'd probably be okay with that if that meant I wouldn't become terrible people (and ugly ones!) or if it didn't sound oddly like torture. Plus I like myself as I currently am, so...
  12. Which came first the chicken or the egg? I mean wow! How mind blowing is that. I could sit here and think about it for hours. Gotta have an egg to get a chicken but have to have a chicken to get an egg. I mean I really think that is the essence of the question. Anyway, wow!
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  13. Do we still "live" after we die?
  14. The answer would be the egg.

    They came from dinosaurs, who also laid hard-shelled eggs. Dinosaurs came from reptiles (the same ones who split off into becoming pterosaurs (who are just as dead as dinosaurs... whoops) and crocodilians :rolleyes:), who also laid hard-shelled eggs. Reptiles came from amphibians, who also laid eggs (they're like gloop though). Amphibians came from fish, who also laid eggs. The fish came from... well, eh, it kinda gets cloudy there, stuff before that probably didn't lay eggs though. ._.

    So yeah, answered :p
    Dying means ceasing to live so... no lol
  15. Does there need to be a meaning? ;)
  16. No
  17. Yes.
    "I think therefor I am"
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  18. That's one man's interpretation. You are a man, right? I just assumed with the name SoulPunisher. jk.

    Ok, here's another one Mr. Punisher. Has intelligent life from another planet visited earth?
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  19. No, I'm a dog.
    There's a chance we may be genetically modified animals - descendants of some alien lab experiment. 95% of our DNA is 'junk', which many scientists think may be coding in a different language for something or other, and the fact that we're so vastly different to our human predecessors and how easily we were able to wipe them all out. There's also the whole stone henge and pyramid thing, and the ancient Egyptians referencing some stuff like this in their hieroglyphs - the aztecs did something similar. There's also the Battle of Los Angeles. I honestly think they have indeed been here before :p