Your Favorite God/Goddess?

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  1. As a Mythologist, lots of my studies happen to touch on the Gods and Goddess of various cultures from around the world. The question is actually really simple, what God or Goddess really hits home with you? There is thousands to choose from, all the way from Achelos the Greek Goddess of Pain Relief to Zeus the Greek God of the Sky and those are only the Greek ones! So who is your favorite God/Goddess and what is their role?
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  2. Zeus.
    'Nuff said.
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  3. Not really Gods, but I love the idea of Slavas. They come from pagan traditions in which the families had their own God or something, though, so I guess it counts.

    You have a day on your Slava's (they're Saints? I think) Feast Day where you just invite your family, including things like in-laws and that, to have a big dinner together and just have a good time with your loved ones in one place or get to know the other side of the family better. And if you say anything negative about someone's Slava, they'll probably cut your throat in your sleep, no matter how close you are to their family - I was actually threatened with much worse for even asking the question "what if I accidentally disrespect their family's slava?".

    My mostly Celtic background also compels me to like whatever those Gods they liked where (forgot the name... whoops) :p
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  4. I have always thought Hermes was a cool character, but it has been ages since I was obsessed with mythology. I remember Dionysus being my all time favorite.
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  5. Posiden
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  6. Ah yes Dionysus, the Greek God of Partying and Wine. I find him to be quite popular for most people.
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  7. Sun God Ra
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  8. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is actually my favourite God of all time.
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  9. Allahu Akbar
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  10. cthulu
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  11. I've never heard of that God. What is he/she the God/Goddess of?
  12. "Allahu Akbar" means "Allah is the greatest," Allah being of course the supreme god Muslims believe in.
  13. Apollo
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  14. Bows FTW. I agree :)
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  15. the one, the true, the only god, HARAMBE
  16. Overrated. 'Nuff said. :p

    I'll have to look into this... I'm a fan of Poseidon just because I like Greek things better than Roman, Egyptian, etc. and because I'm an ocean nut, but I'll have to look at some other specific Greek sea gods.
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  17. Gaia.
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  18. Hm, mythological Gods... I'm more a fan of the heroes and men myself (if those are the English terms), as the Gods are often egocentric and lazy.
    If I'd have to choose now I'd say Pallas Athena, but I'm not sure.
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  19. Well, before Christianity came around to the region you reside in according to your profile many people worshipped the Germanic gods and goddess, who themselves are based off the Norse gods and goddess. Many of the Germanic gods, like their Norse counterparts were revere for their strength and bravery. As for Athena the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Statecraft, she was one of the most noble goddesses in the Greek pantheon.
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  20. Wouldn't this be Catholicism? It was one specific type of Christianity that came around. The region he lives in is also important to Protestant history, who quite generally loath Catholics. Its why England and Scotland performed genocides on the Irish and why Ireland is split between North and South (the North is further split by walls separating the Catholics and Protestants).

    Religion is always so kind to everyone.