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What levels do you prefer for fighting and mining?

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I'm a coward. 1s for mining and fighting 1 vote(s) 3.2%
I like fighting while mining, or just fighting. But nothing too crazy - 5 or less on both 12 vote(s) 38.7%
I'm a resource gatherer of both blocks and drops. Anything less than 7 is unacceptable! 13 vote(s) 41.9%
I came to win and win big. Bring it on; difficulties 8 and 9 are king! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
YOLO - go 10 or go home! 1 vote(s) 3.2%
Other - answer in comments below 4 vote(s) 12.9%
  1. I got to thinking tonight. I know we have our personal preferences with difficulty levels when it comes to both mining and fighting. It can be based on particular mood, or simply what type of player you are. So let me ask you - what levels do you prefer when fighting mobs and/or mining?

    Mine can vary from day to day, but I personally prefer difficulty five for most things.
  2. I'm on 6 for day to day :)
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  3. I stay at 7 all the time. But I don't mind dropping to what ever level my group feels most comfortable with for that mining / mob hunt session.
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  4. When I'm near a miniboss, I turn my diff up to ten for max mob drops. When I am just normally in the waste, I'm at diff 5
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  5. I'm always on diff 7 unless I'm building or something and don't want to fight stuff.
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  6. always 7 unless fighting a momentus
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  7. I'm just a 5.
    I dont care much for fighting for the sake of it. Dont need the special drops, and if im mining, im trying to get resources for a project or storage for future project, so 5 is fine for me.
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  8. I tend to stick at 5, I don't go out into the wild/wastes too much so I've never really thought to change it, but I guess I could always up it a little some time :)
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  9. I tend to stick to 5 all the time, although occasionally I will turn to 10 when fighting a boss/enraged.
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  10. Well it all depends what I'm doing :p
    I is for mining/building in the wild
    1-3 is for killing my withers
    7 is for mob drop hunting
    10 is the stupidity [on/off] switch ;)
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  11. I've not mined in the last 3 years or whatever, but I assume while mining it's either at 1 or 5. Usually it's at 5 though, but when I fight a momentus, I turn it up to 6.
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  12. 7. I'm not good at fighting, and at 7 I don't really have the risk to die. Anything below it, there's not really any challenge using voter's equipment.
  13. Then I guess I'm lazy :p
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  14. Lazy? Do you see fighting enemies as a chore, then? I like it now and then, and that's why I have it up to above average. If I didn't actually want to fight enemies, I'd put it on 1.
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  15. I'm always set to 6 for the simple reason that I don't fancy mini-bosses automatically attacking me. But I am toying with the idea to play at 7 after the next waste reset.

    Of course there's a little more to it than that... I also don't play with full super-duper diamond armor and gear, but I'm using something also powerful: my voters gear. Ever since I got hold of my voters items I started using them and never stopped. Sure; they may not do as much damage as other tools, and the armor barely stops an head on blast of a creeper, but if you manage to survive with this then you'll also become much better at avoiding damage alltogether.

    Because I can't simply slash at a mob and expect it to get pushed back far enough (and with extensive damage) I have to use strategy and improvise; hit and run (or avoid). And that has saved me plenty of times when I was low on health, low on food but stuffed with loot and near an outpost. The perfect time for an enraged creeper to show up :)

    Of course I'm not saying that I don't die at all, but ever since I became more familiar with a lower damage threshold I've also managed to sustain myself much better at times when I do wear a full diamond set (very sparsely).

    Which is also one of the reasons why I love the voter tools so much, the other being their durability of course. Yes, they maybe "weaker" in direct comparison to a full set of god armor & gear, but don't make the mistake of cutting them short either. Because in the longer run they may just as well be much more powerful than you would have imagined.

    How much they differ you ask? Well... A future post of mine (either on the forums or the blog, still haven't decided) will answer that soon enough :)
  16. My preference is 5, only because I have been around Underhelm lately. Why is that an issue?
    Because there are enraged mobs, EVERYWHERE. It isn't like just a few per day no we get a good 50 enraged mobs in just one sitting. And since I am the one usually fixing up the caves for use, I tend to encounter a lot of them
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  17. If that's not what you want then keep in mind that you can turn their spawning on and off, just like mini bosses. See the /ps command for more info on that.
  18. Yeah no I like the constant spawning off Enraged, its just that my particular line of work in Underhelm can't have me on 6+ fighting enraged mobs
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  19. Depends on what I'm doing:
    1-5 is when I'm mining or building in the wilderness, at farms, etc. :p
    6 is when I'm hunting enraged mobs (usually for diamonds) or killing withers (chance to drop more than 1 nether star) :D
    7 is when I'm hunting mini bosses (higher drop chance) :D

    I never play at 8+. Too challenging ;)
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  20. I have it on 1 all the time unless fighting a miniboss because there is no skill required to kill the mobs. they are just annoying. even on 7 which is what i had it on before i realized they are stupid and its impossible to die anyways. I keep it at 1 so i can kill them faster and move on. I also hit them with my sharp5 sword so i two shot everything pigmen, endermen, zombies, skellies, spiders whatever. even the minibosses are easy on 7. on 8 though apparently they go from being silly easy to pretty difficult and the minibosses are also annoying so I just do 7 on those as well. I much rather spend my time doing something I want to do. If I want a challenge I will go play a game that is pvp oriented. in minecraft I want to gather and build stuff. the mobs are just a joke, as well as the pvp :D
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