Your Choice of Browser

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What is your choice of browser?

Google Chrome 61 vote(s) 69.3%
Internet Explorer (all versions) 5 vote(s) 5.7%
Mozilla Firefox 19 vote(s) 21.6%
Apple Safari 3 vote(s) 3.4%
  1. I was looking at this thread:
    and noticed a browser war going on, so I made this thread to vote on your favorite browser out of the most known four browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

    Personally, I like Chrome the best as it has proven to be the fastest browser of all of them in multiple tests. The only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't have an RSS feed built in and it looks boring before changing the theme.
  2. I am using chrome as browser :)
  3. Chrome, no contest.
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  4. I don't really understand why everyone likes chrome so much, I can't stand it's layout and how it works. I use Firefox. :p

    No offense to anyone who enjoys google chrome, I respect your opinion. :D
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  5. chrome is best :D
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  6. Not true, it's completely a matter of opinion, and I respect yours. Some browsers are better at some things than others are, but all browsers have certain stronger suits. :p So, um, yeah...

    Internet Explorer still sucks, though (in my opinion). XD
  7. Chrome is the fastest proven internet browser, no contest. If that don't give you reason, what will?
  8. I still hate ie, though:p the only reason it is the most commonly used, is cuz it's the default browser!:D
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  9. Yes I know, but I think Chrome is best, and yes, Internet Explorer SUCKS!

    Anyone using it here? :)
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  10. Alright just to clear this up for everyone: Firefox is the best browser to use! This is because it gives you freedom and the ability to customize it in just about anyway you can imagine! Everybody uses Chrome because it is made by probably the most popular Internet company in the world; Google. On top of that more poeple are introduced to chrome because everyone someone visits google then Chrime gets advertised! Think about it how did you find out about Firefox and Chrome? Firefox is obviously better because given the amount of people who use Chrome compared to Firefox and how much either browser is advertised FireFox on a fair level is better AND more popular!
  11. I'm not trying to dis anyone or the browser because it is amazing I'm just stating my opinion and a few facts...
  12. I thought the post said bowser! xD
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  13. Unfortunately no :(
  14. Firefox,lot and lots of plugins,you can always find one that suit your needs.
  15. Growing up as a young, innocent child exposed to the wondrous splendour of the Internet, I had no choice but to use Internet Explorer.

    Later in life, about six years ago or so, I was introduced to Firefox and didn't look back. Over the years it really sunk in why Internet Explorer was a clearly inferior browser as I came to understand what it actually meant to be a browser.

    I was happy with Firefox, but I was encouraged maybe a year ago to switch to Chrome and I'm glad I did.
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  16. Of cours you are glad you did that! :p
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  17. Chrome will always be my number one. IE is getting there though. Big step up from the latest garbage MS has released.
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  18. No one chose Internet explorer......
    Totally called that
  19. I use Chrome mostly, but if I'm having problems with it, Safari is my fallback, as it shipped with my Mac.
  20. even if chrome wasn't by Google I would still use it over Firefox because downloading on Firefox is not as simply as chrome (and that is the only down side of Firefox :p)
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