cant download IE9. plz help.

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  1. I have IE7 (internet explorer 7) and when I click to download IE9 it says thankyou for downloading nothing else no errors or anything. Plz help I just posted this here cus i didnt know where else to put it and i think some of you might have the same problem.

    EDIT: i have windows 7 64 bit
  2. Step one: Download Google Chrome
    Step two: Install Google Chrome
    Step three: Uninstall IE7
    Step four: Enjoy a much faster browsing experience.
  3. no i dont want chrome i want IE9
  4. No you don't.
  5. yes I do, now no more arguments just help
  6. Step one: download Firefox
    Step two: enjoy :)
  7. how do i disable trend micro titanium?
  8. thx THX THX!!!
  9. oh, it says i have a more reecent version installed on my pc
  10. DO NOT USE IE.
    For the sake of humanity :)
  11. 2 words: Google Chrome
  12. Hmm, Windows auto-update should update it for you.

    And I do wanna say this also: DON'T use internet explore, it's sucks and it's very slow, you should get google chrome ^_^
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  13. NO! i stick with google
  14. OK now that everything is working for you in IE9 uninstall it and install FireFox!
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  15. no i am not install ing firefox and IE9 still isnt working
  16. Thats because its being intimidated by the superior Google Chrome and Firefox:)
  17. what does that mean?
  18. DONT DO IT!!!
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