Your best memory of EMC

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  1. Ahh I forgot to add the moment when we finally made it to TI and then finally made it to 100k blocks out in the wild. It was pretty awesome making it that far out after so much effort lol.
  2. Under the combined power of people who have no idea what they're doing and a handful of god apples, Momentus stands no chance.
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  3. Joining EMC 4 years ago. Barely a week after I bought my MC account. I enjoyed learning everything of Minecraft here.
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  4. You know that time 3 years ago when EMC didn't have as many SMP's so they were always full and you had to support just to get on?
    That was the best.
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  5. I did some math and found that you joined EMC 3 years, 6 months, 10 days ago. Not 4 years... The original owner didn't even join that long ago.
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  6. My favourite moment would have to be when Dragon Tombs came out :D
    Oh wait.... :p
    Edit: No criticism, hate or abuse intended, just a friendly joke as I understand how massive it is :)
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  7. I'd say summer of 2013 when I'd had just joined. I made a little wool shop and stocked it really well, and I remember complaining to Ahksel about her beacon affected half my shop and at the time I didn't have any beacons to even it out. JackBiggin and I had this thing where he would suicide 5 times per day until I finally got his head and I was super happy. I then had plans for a tower that would be a mall, casino, storage, and drop party host all in one building. This tower was eventually funded by Eclipsys because I was a poor lil dude. The tower built was present day /v 1148 but it was much higher before I got banned.

    But summer of 2013 was definitely the time I had the most FUN on EMC. I was actually super poor, probably had like 50k total back then (actually 50k was decent back then for like 20 days). So yeah :p
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  8. Thanks for your accurate statistics to correct me on my exaggerated estimate to prove a point. Its hard to count!
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  9. Ug... Must find time to make that screenshot collage! So many good memories...
  10. All the random death events have been my favorite memories :D
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  11. man.. so much great stuff on this server...
    when i hosted a greif party on my res...
    when i first met highlancer54, i was so happy for him when he got mod
    when i got a couple of my irl friends on here, that was a blast
    when i was just haning around the frontier outpost of Estona on smp9
    when i made my own frontier outpost
    so many memories, and im sure many more to come!
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  12. Another moment not that important but a funny one.

    So it was the EMC party with the pumpkin search with a name on it. I remember that my right hand started shaking and I was so obsessed to find a different pumpkin. After 4 or 5 stacks of pumpkins I found the one saying penguin. I remember that I told my little brother that was in the room with me, I told him that I found penguin(the different pumpkin). I was so happy and my brother was like, why is he happy for finding a penguin, and how did he found a penguin in MC.
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  13. i was there too!

    my fav moment was the day pvp opened up when it was packed and me and a few others teamed up and straight merked everyone else.
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  14. Back in 2011 or 2012 (or 2010) when there were only 60 player slots per server and it was a pain to get on EMC!
  15. You had to be iron supporter or more just to play lol.
  16. That wasn't the case. I had never bought supporter and I was still able to play. It was because there was only servers up to SMP6 at that time, and there were A LOT of players that wanted to play.
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