Your best memory of EMC

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  1. So I have been disconnected from my EMC' life thnx to school and family problems.

    So In that period of being disconnected from my internet family, I was having sort of flash backs of my EMC life.

    From talking to strangers in the Internet from the first time, and then becoming my friends in the process.

    From helping pass troughs problems I had in the real life, that case of escaping reality and problems, and getting connected in a virtual reality and get the opportunity of playing with my old and new friends.

    EMC was not just the place I went to play MC and do stuff. It was like my second family. Like going to my house where I grew up and remembering the past, the good memory's and remembering those days, sort of that experience I've felt in the past months of not being connected to one of my old hobbies.

    Thnx EMC for being there for me, no matter the trollers or players that didn't accept me in the process.

    And thnx to everyone, and to my friend s...... for showing me this server.

    Thnx for everything.
  2. So what was your best, favorite moment in EMC for you? Let me know down in the comments plz :D
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  3. My best memory was when the server was a bit smaller
    Samwild_wing still played, Mrsocks wasn't a mod yet, and I had my 1st with a motel, shop, restaurant, employee meeting room, and more

    Thank you all for being my friends
    And I can't wait to make new ones as I play more and more on this server
  4. Before I read this, I don't think I could really answer this question :eek:
    But I'm with you on escaping real life and problems with family :D
    Edit; I didn't answer this question, did I?
    Well, I guess it has to be when a few of my friends from another server came over here to haunt me ^-^
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  5. My favorite memory... I would have to say it was this....

    I have many others, but that day when me and JC were shooting each other into the air with tnt, was probably my favorite EMC moment.
  6. I seriously agree with the second family idea :p I am not done with EMC yet, so I will choose my best memory later ;) but its always sad to see an member of EMC leave :( we will miss you
  7. I didn't stated that I am leaving, I am just stating that problems in real life is causing me to not be part of EMC a 100% like I used to.

    Don't worry little cat , battle cat is still here just not as the good times.
  8. Agh, here we go...

    When I was but a n00blet (around 3.2 years ago) my friend Kiiaka, who is now in college, introduced me to EMC, when Aikar hadn't even joined the Empire yet. It was a wonderful place full of joy. Then, one day, came the worst day of my life. I decided to grief.

    I don't know why I did it. It was in the north-east nether frontier, and I had griefed a little nether hut. I admitted to it publicly, and I was then banned.

    Then, more than 2.7 years later, I returned, and appealed my ban. It was successful. I came back screaming with joy, only to find that I had lost my stuff.

    Then came along robobozo. Greatest friend and companion of all time.

    The first thing he did to me when I joined was pay me 1k, which was basically a million rupees at the time. With that money, I bought a dragon stone fragment. It was precious to me. I kept it locked up in a tiny little room in the basement of my old house at all times. Never did I take an eye off that, until I sold it for 250r (many business. Much wow).

    Then, I moved on to bigger business, when I moved to SMP8 and bought my first dragon egg. He was my best EMC memory of all time. I remember frolicking through the fields and cuddling with him. I remember throwing him in my 5th page of vault titles "promos" and feeling so happy about myself.

    So, yeah. I guess you could say my dragon egg is my favorite memory. =P
  9. Wow, I think this is your first post without mentioning piz arols or toasters. :eek:
  10. When all my in real life friends played 3 years ago(they all got banned because apparently they liked hacking)
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  11. Mine would be the first time I went to FNM.
  12. If anything, I'm battle cat!
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  13. The making of a new word on smp5 2 years ago "fsup"
  14. I remember becoming a Well-Known Member on the forum was an awesome day for me. But I'd have to say that my friends I've made here are my fondest Empire memory.
  15. Piz arols. Gotta be the piz arols.
  16. When bloodra1n used to come on everyday, and pascal as well. That was back in 2012...
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  17. Huh.
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  18. I don't know that I have a favorite. My most fond memories are those of setting up mining bases all over smp7's waste, always with different people. If you started playing on EMC smp7 between January and march of this year you probably have like a 25% chance you were involved in at least one of the bases. They were always self sustaining, underground at around y-13.
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  19. Honestly becoming staff made me smile for like 4 hours straight so that's up there.

    Probably playing in mob arenas and people used to say stuff like "Sam is playing better sit this round out"