You should know about BK...

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  1. Just thought you would all want to know.
  2. I see my secret is out.

    This is me! This is BK! Accept me as I am!
  3. So he's not a knight... He's actually a pony..? What treachery is this!
  4. I am both. A am a pony knight, the most ferocious of warriors.
  5. Oooo, so you not a knight eh? Magical
  6. BlackKnight1021

    He is missing a few words

    BlackPonyKnight1021 Makes so much sense :)
  7. lol thanks for sharing xD
  8. I read the title. Thought this was a discussion about Burger King. :p
  9. That happens to be one of my many nicknames.
  10. Thanks for being transparent!
  11. Even ferocious black knights of destruction have the need to feel pretty on occasion.
  12. This doesn't surprise me at all.
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  13. A centuar, perhaps?
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  14. I accept you, BlackKnightPony1021. <3
  15. The Black Knight Pony who also is King of Burgers. xD
  16. I'm surprised Black would actually type that AND press enter.
  17. Haha, there was me thinking "BK" was some sort of new computer virus we were being warned about :p