willies952002: A Re-Introduction

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    Today marks my sixth year on EMC, so I have decided to do a bit of a
    re-introduction for those that may not know me well, if at all. :cool:

    For starters, you'll find me on SMP1 most of the time, be it on my main account, or one of my alternate account. In fact, when I first joined EMC back in 2013, I was placed on SMP1 with the residence #1561 as my home, and this is what I looked like back in the day. These days, I live on a few different residences, but I mainly hang around the greater spawn area (4-5 rings out) when in town, or take long trips into the frontier to outposts.

    Over time, I have created a few fun things that related to EMC, of which the most notable is my signature generator, which is what I use for my forum signature. Originally known as Just Another EMC Signature Generator (J.A.E.M.C.S.G. for short) made to replace JackBiggin's semi-broken one, it has since grown and been reprogrammed, meaning it can support more than just EMC signatures, or even Minecraft in general. Another notable thing I have made would be my online player viewer as well as the same data displayed in a graph. The site displays who's online on what server, and with the graph, also shows the population of EMC's servers over time, and there are already over 2750 points of data!

    A lot of other things have also happened over my 6 years on EMC, such as meeting new people, making good friends, and even becoming somewhat well-known, albeit mostly on SMP1. Besides that, I have also established 3 different outposts in the frontier. The Iron Nation Outpost is situated a good distance from spawn, to the point where the trip in the nether is nearly 30 minutes, along a railway that took at least a month or two to fully construct with a crew of 3 people. I also have an outpost called the "Domnian Wilderness Retreat", which was established in a Woodland Mansion that I found out past the 1,000,000 mark, of which I am the only member. There are plans to make this a publicly-accessible outpost, but that will come after a nether transit system is installed for easy access to the area.

    There are other things I could get into, but this post is long enough as it is..

    TL;DR: I've done a lot over the last few years :p

    With all that out of the way, if you have any questions you'd like to ask me, please feel free to do so :D
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  2. I've seen ur signature generators; I think I used one at one point too :)

    I just checked ur online player viewer and it's awesome. Do you have graphs that display longer amounts of time like from the last 2 or 3 years?
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  3. Hey willies, congratulations on 6 years, fellow smp1er! :)

    What do you like do to on EMC nowadays? What do you like to do outside of EMC? :) And when will you revive your "what phone do you have?" thread? :p
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  4. It's been very nice knowing you for so long Willies. It will be interesting to see how much older you shall get! :)
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  5. Thanks for the post! That's very interesting, I honestly had no idea that you'd done so many cool things! :) I mostly knew you for your participation in my Text Adventure. ;)
    I hope you will continue to have fun here, but it sounds like you are capable and creative enough to keep coming up with new things to do! :)
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  6. Signature Generator: I believe I did see you use it, either when it was still known as JAEMCSG or more recently. I'll see if there's a way to check. :)

    Player Viewer: I've only been taking samples since June 3rd. So as of right now, I have just under a months worth of data.

    In EMC:I haven't been up to much recently, mainly running around town on SMP1, talking with people on Discord, and attending the occasional event.
    Outside of EMC: I tend to fiddle with code as well as hang out with some friends from work on my days off.
    Phone Thread: The entire purpose of that thread was to get a feel for the percentage of EMC players that have a device that a project I am looking to create would be able to run on. The project in question is a mobile version of EMC ShopKeeper :p
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  7. Happy to see you again :D
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  8. Hey there Willies I am glad to have re-met you today :p
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  9. You also made a cape generator, can't forget about that one Willies ;)
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  10. It's not actually a cape generator, it's just a capes mod :p
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  11. Close enough ;)