Who would make a good moderator?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by synth_apparition, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. So i've recently found myself thinking 'Who would make a good moderator?'. I thought Chickeneer would make a good one, and then I logged on the next day, and he was a mod.

    IMO, JackBiggin would make an excellent mod and so would AlexChance. In your opinion, who would make a good moderator?
  2. Jack isn't old enough to be a mod and he has said he wouldn't be one even if he was old enough.
    But yeah Jack would make a great mod.
    I think antvenom would make a good mod.......
  3. Some people I know would make good mods but its what they are like being mod. Some people change and become annoying and shall I say over the top with somethings and can change for the worse, but saying it they can change for the better and become happier and more active on forums etc
  4. Last time I checked, there was no age limit on being a mod, just how mature you are...
  5. He hates hates cows...
  6. There is no age limit, but they want mature people, and younger people haven't learned as much as they think they have. Not being offensive, there are some *mature* younger people, but they still have the chance to be caught in peer pressure, etc.
  7. (There's no mod under 18)


  8. Sparertoaster, and eclipsys -nuf' said
  9. I Think Rdmaster Would make a good M0d He is mature
  10. Theres an age restriction for mods? That explains a lot.
  11. Even if you are 15 and mature. You still wouldnt get mod because you arent independent and you cant plan your own schedule.
  12. I can plan my own schedule. I do plan my own schedule. My parents basically have no control over me because they want me to be independent.
    Nope, there isn't.
    There used to be a mod under 18, I forgot who they are, but I think they were 16.
  13. I will never get caught in peer pressure, want to know why?

    I have one friend, he has one friend, which is me.
  14. (I asked Twitch some time ago, the mod was like 17 and a few months)
    He's now 18. Well, Now I say...... There hasn't been a Mod under 17. :D
  15. I think I would.....

    But in all seriousness, I really don't know.

    'That's up to the Cow and the Guy.
  16. I really don't want to be a mod, it sounds like a great way to connect with the community. However, I don't need to connect more than I already am. I feel like helping others for fun instead of a position is more rewarding because players don't haggle you day in and day out.

    I have a strong respect for the current mods. I know they were picked for several reasons, age might be one of them. It could possibly also be their schedules are more open than others. All I know is I appreciate them :).

    And for independent reasons as it was brought up, I am very independent for a 15 year old.
    -Every day I wake myself up and 5:45 and get out the door by 6:30 (I take the bus to school as I can't drive yet.). I go on the forums on the city bus if I don't have HW or a test. I then pay for my own lunch and head home / activities after school on the bus again.
    -I have also bought my 1500 dollar '97 Forest Green Chevy Malibu back when I was in 8th grade (I'm in 10th now). -I've bought my own laptop/ Wii/ all my games/ phone (and phone bill ($35 a month).
    -I don't get an allowance I work a Paper route for my local paper ;).
    -Once I turn 16 my parents expect me to get a job so it clutters up my gaming time probably, so that would prevent me from becoming a mod.
  17. You're either thinking of Green_Mystery or Crazy1080. I think.
  18. How can you pay all of that if you don't work? :s
    EDIT: Nvm
  19. My two cents:

    The staff just hired new blood after reviewing tons of applications. I feel that they chose correctly in their assessment. They dont pick just players that are active on a day to day basis. Take Dreacon78 for example. As he states, he was unknown before he became a mod. The staff review any and every aspect of the player.

    Some of the players that you think would make great mods because they are always on are never promoted because they are a crucial component of the community and becoming a mod would change that. In addition, some players that you think should be mods simply do not want to be one and didn't submit an application. So before you go ranting about why someone who you think should be a mod but isn't, ask them if they even want to be one...then think about why the staff chose the new blood...sometimes it's something as simple as the time of the day that the person plays so we have more coverage of the servers...:)
  20. The answer is obvious. prof_genius.
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