Who is RougeLoupes?

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Do you accpet people no matter what if they're scared of who you think they really are?

Yes! 20 vote(s) 90.9%
No 1 vote(s) 4.5%
Maybe... Only if they are a good friend of mine. 1 vote(s) 4.5%
  1. So I think it's about time for me to do this... It's long overdue for my friends.
    I'm not going to tell everything about me, especially my name and what I look like. Because I'm ready to do that.
    But here we go.
    My initials are ECR. (First Middle and Last Initials)
    I live in the US state of Maryland.
    I'm 14 years old and my birthday is April 10th of 2002.
    I'm a female. I know this may be a surprise to be some people. The reason my first username was Mr_Waffle203 was because my brother bought the account and I bought it from him soon after he bought it and he used his other account. I didn't want to reveal who I really was at first anyways. So I played the role of a guy. People seemed to accept me for that more than if I was a girl.
    But don't worry. The Rouge Waffle Badger that is on EMC now, is the same Rouge Waffle Badger as it has always been! Only I have revealed who I am! (Sorta? Kinda? Not really....)
    I have an older brother named Nathan. He's 16 and is learning to drive. So if I never come on EMC again it's because my brother crashed the "potato mobile."

    That's all I really want to say about my self. If anyone wants to know more about me then comment on this thread... I guess? I'll tell you most things except my name and address and other personal things.
    So yeah. Bye!!!

    -The Rouge Waffle Badger
  2. G'day miss waffles!
  3. Lol I feel the need to post these :p

  4. Hello and welcome!

    At first I thought the title suggested this was a witch hunting type of thread o3o
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  5. Heya waffle "bro" lol u told me along time ago lol
    It's tom
    Great to hear from you again and good to see your still awesome :)
  6. She turned me into a newt!
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  7. Did someone say witch-hunt?! BURN THE WITCH!

    Oh.... There wasn't really a witch-hunt?
  8. For a second I though this said what is a Rouge Loupes, which I responded with Red Wolfs in french. Anyways welcome I guess? You're not really new...
  9. Waffles are yummy :D
  10. If people start treating me differently I'm gonna be kinda mad. The person behind the computer screen has always been who I really am, only with a mask on to hide my true identity.
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  11. You burn witches in the wicker man, fool.

    I don't see why anyone would do this. It's always been fairly obvious you were a girl to me. If someone's going to treat you differently because you pretended to be a boy for a bit, that's low. I'm sure we've all pretended to be another gender on the internet at some point, mostly for shits and giggles to incite some 14 year old's/lonely 45 year old man's overly forward reaction to you saying you're 'f'. And why would you care anyway - It's a person on the internet who clearly has nothing better to do other than hate on you lol.

    But yeah, RougeLoupes is a catfish confirmed. Never talking to her again.
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  12. Welcome! The EMC community is very welcoming and you shouldn't be treated differently now that people know your real gender. :)
  13. #AllCatfishMatter
  14. Don't worry u will always be treated like the best waffle of EMC no matter the gender of the said waffle, nothing will change cause no matter wat even if emc changed one thing will never change as a great person before me said
    waffles are yummy :)
  15. Wow thanks... :p I'm just a lonely 14 year old who trying to be a good person... And how could you tell I was a girl? I wanna know that much. I don't even know you... .-. At least I think I don't... I don't remember.... My selective memory is killer.
  16. The way people write gives a lot away. Boys will usually share a similar writing style with eachother, girls will usually do the same with other girls. I can't really pinpoint what it is but I'll often be able to tell. I can also usually see when people are trying too hard to look like the opposite sex.

    Stops me getting catfished on the internet lol.

    I have a friend who's a girl who I met on Omegle. Obviously, there are people who pretend to be girls on Omegle. I showed her my face in the Omegle chat which I had never done before and haven't done since, but I was sure this person wasn't going to use it for some malicious intent (whatever you can do with a picture of useless old me when I was 14 anyway) and I was certain she was a real girl because of how she typed and joked with me. She, as it turns out, is in fact a real girl. Most times I've been right when someone turns out to really be a dude.

    And nope, you don't know me. I've seen your posts though.
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  17. My brother and I act really similar since I grew up around him and boy scouts and stuff. Didn't think it would be that noticeable. We just act really similar because he was always my role model and I wanted to be like him.
    And as far as I know he's catfishing people. :l He practically lives in our basement. I haven't had a legit conversation with him in about a week. We're both kind of shut ins. Except he has more friends cause he talks a lot more.
  18. Hi RougeLoupes. Nice to meet you. :)