When You Were a Noob...

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  1. Long ago we were all noob and we did some pretty... Odd things while learning the ropes. So I've devised this thread for us to share to noblest of noob moments we have had. Let me begin. The year was 2012 and I was playing a fancy game called Minecraft with a friend, now we were having trouble planting seeds. So with using real life logic, I used a shovel and digged 2 blocks under ground threw the seeds in the hole and put a block on top. 3 weeks later my friend calls to ask why the carrots aren't growing.
  2. When I joined EMC, I spent 2 weeks using other people's crafting tables, because I didn't know you could make them, I thought it was from a dungeon.
  3. When i was a noob, to break blocks i tried to click really fast for it to break spent about 3 hours doing that until i quit and played creative and i named a witch egg grumm on peacefull and couldent figure out why it wouldent spawn.
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  4. Long ago on this thing called pocket edition before there were buckets, caves, lava, or even respawning animals. I had this tiny world. Everything was made of cobblestone because I didn't know where to find other materials. With my awesome wooden pickaxe I mined 5 blocks below the surface looking for diamonds. Months later still no diamonds. Then I got the idea to go lower. I dug straight down (there were no caves or lava yet) until I hit this block that wouldn't break. I punched at it for a while and then just dug a mine at on top of it. After a few weeks I FOUND ONE DIAMOND it was so amazing and I didn't know how to mine it. I went home and looked for the most expensive thing to make a pickaxe out of. I had 6 gold ingots so I made a gold pickaxe. I went down to mine the diamonds and started to mine. It mined really slowly and then broke and dropped NOTHING. I rage quit minecraft for a week. About a month later there was an update that changed the way you chose your difficulty. I was just like every other noob and was terrified of hostile mobs so I always played on peaceful. I dug tunnels between my houses so I didn't have to fight mobs. I was such a noob

    I have so many nooby moments I could write about it for a week :p
  5. When enderman were passive mobs :p
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  6. I got 2 good memories from the start.

    The very first time I played, I thought you couldn't mine anything else than dirt or sand by hand so I survived over 10 nights bashing at zombies and spiders and well, the creepers were actually giving me the rough time... When I realized that blocks could take longer than dirt to be mined, I killed a forest and made houses and all, no tools, no crafting tables, no furnaces, I had a struck of luck and found a tiny mineshaft with a stone pickaxe in it. when it broke, I was about 50 blocks straight down and couldn't get back up so I deleted my Noob world lol

    The best memory is actually when I discovered TNT in creative world. OMG!! This was amazing! I crashed my Minecraft Beta sooo many times with my TNT abuse lol! at that time I found out I could place about 8x8x8 TNTs before my Minecraft crashed. (when I think backand compare today, making those huge 32x32x40 sand tnt bombs it crazy... I'll replicate it and send couple pictures too hihihi)
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  7. sorry for the huge screenshot, but I love MC 1.9 lol

    and the results...

    lol, so much useless fun! That's one of the reason I feel in love with MC so much :)
  8. When I first found mc I thought you could place blaze powder and gunpowder :p
  9. I don't remember much from when I started, but i do remember that I had to watch a walkthrough to figure out how to survive the first night! This was on Pocket Edition. Back when there was only the finite worlds. :p
  10. I can't remember anything specific, but I can tell you that for the longest time, I thought VITIRI was the coolest moderator out there.

    Not a mod, you say? Tell that to my younger self, who, after a few days on the server, thought that any colored name was a staff member.

    VITIRI was a Gold Supporter.

    Also, the members of EMC taught me half of what I know about Minecraft. If I hadn't joined this server when I did, I would be lagging far behind in the world of Minecraft.

    Thanks, EMC.
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  11. I dropped a promo during a drop party because my mouse has a Q macro in it >_<
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  12. I was convinced that since the Incitatus was colorfully named, I'd get banned for it. Someone told me they'd get rid of it for me, that way staff wouldn't think I hacked it in. I gave it to them.
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  13. I was a noob on the forums when I first started. I thought your status meant if you were online, so...
    Me: Online
    Another guy: ... Oh gawd

    XD I have learned my lesson. ;)
  14. I started playing MC on XBOX. So, I had my Noob moments there, I couldn't figure out how to even dig. I had no idea what I was doing to be honest. I got frustrated and did not play again for a few weeks. So my best friend on XBOX joined me and was teaching me. I was in creative and thought I'd build using the rails and minecarts. Well, I didnt know about powered rails. He laughed at me for an hour as I built this roller coaster. I didn't know why and when I got excited going down a hill and then ready to go up and I went backwards......he fell out laughing again. Needless to say I never built another one lol.
  15. When I was a noob in Minecraft, I didn't even know how to change the brightness, so when it became dark, I would just sit somewhere, not moving, until I could see again.
  16. When I was introduced, I asked my friend over the phone, "How do you create bread when you can't make flour?" He said kindly said that flour isn't implemented but it would be nice if you could turn wheat to flour. Then he ranted how Minecraft was $13.50 in Alpha when I bought the game when it was $19.95

    I remember noob moments where I thought you can use gunpowder as fuel in furnaces and I kept lighting coal ore with flint and steel trying to manipulate the netherrack always on fire abilities.

    Remember the passive ambiance that you would get in mines? Well when I first encountered those noises a creeper blew up behind me. I always associated them as alert sounds and I placed signs where they said, "Warning Scary noises here look for mobs" Only to find out that they were only ambient noises.
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  17. imagine playing mine-craft for over a year before realizing you can run.
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  18. Well these are for sure quite interesting.
  19. When i first joined EMC i was running around the waste and i picked up a players head. I knew stealing was bad, since i read the rules in the tutorial. I got so nervous i'd get banned for having the players head. I went to the wild and tossed it into the ocean.
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  20. Sand goes flying now???? Oh. My. Gosh.
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