What would you do if you were an empire minecraft staff member?

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  1. The objective of this game is to come up with a creative answer to the question above other than original answers like "I will ban all the rule breakers". Here, I'll start to give you an example:

    If I were a staffer, I would daily select a random lucky player who is online. I would then give the lucky player an amazing, valuable gift such as millions of rupees, an emerald maker, or a tamed marlix that respond only to it's owner.
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  2. I'd ban people for lack of common sense. This leaves roughly 50 people left on EMC.
  3. ...what's an emerald maker?
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  4. It makes great coffee:
  5. If I ever became staff (which will never happen) I would be too lenient and probably let trouble makers get off easy. (this is why I won't ever be staff :p)
  6. Work my way up to eventually replace Krysyy then transform everything into stone slabs.
    Why would you ban yourself? :p
  7. I'd bring a Bob Ross revelation. But he dead, just like my dreams.
  8. An emerald maker is a machine that makes as much emeralds as you want. It may be possible because I once saw a melon maker (machine that makes melons).
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  9. I used to be staff on the archon :3
  10. If I were senior staff, I would play random pranks on people. LIke find someone who had an amazing build, copy it and save it, and delete their res when they weren't on, but eventually I'd put it back. Or I'd have a random person selected weekly that would find 500 baby zombies on their town res when they logged on. So basically, I probably will have a better chance at winning a cheetah race than I will at being senior staff:p.
    But it would be really funny to fill someone's res with hostile mobs
  11. I'd probably break stuff accidentally.
  12. I'd help new players getting around the Empire, and be someone people can talk and express their feeling to.
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  13. I would kick other staff members a lot probably :p
  14. I'd help out others, do stuff for them for free if there fine with that.
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  15. Host death events every single day...
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  16. Well if you ask me, I wouldn't do anything outer ordinary. I would be that normal staff member that helps out players and helps to regulate the rules, I would just be that normal staff, But at night I turn into FunMart. This is my other side, I would start telling jokes and start getting very extremely happy and jokey. I would start making jokes about Krysyy and other staff...Ofcourse these jokes are all nice and not rude. FunMart is my second identity the active and jokey me...I might get funny ideas what I would do with you all...
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  17. If I ever become staff (Senior staff) I would host netherspleef 24/7. I would make sure people follow the rules. And the moment I become staff I would give out my head to a random new player to welcome him/her in to our EMC family :)

    Edit: Say funny stuff so people would screenshot it xD
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  18. But then what would RainbowChin do?
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  19. I would accidentally ban myself because im a clutz
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  20. Ooooooohhh, balls in your court now Rainbow