What would you do if you were an empire minecraft staff member?

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  1. If I were staff that was in charge resetting derelict residences. I would go through the residence and save the rarest of the rares from getting deleted. Keeping the goods in an official EMC museum dedicated to preserving the history of the Empire.
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  2. If I were to become a staff member, (Hopefully sometime xD)

    I would try to monitor smp activity. Create a study on which server might have the most issues like for instance a mass of new players joining, I would be on that server answering questions and make sure there is no issues behavior wise. I also want to host events (Like MM) as well as backing up other staff members on events that expect high turn out.

    I won't forget my humor of my Split personality of my alternate accounts. It always breaks a dead chat as well as it makes it even better being moderator. :p
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  3. I would firstly send cakes to everyone and tell everyone in chat to worship me :3 Then just spawn some chickens and name them 'Pink's Minions' Then be silly and kick a mod then type in the reason part: 'Thy cake was not strong in this one!'
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  4. -face desk-
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  5. Meh, work is killing me (I'm quite tired at the time of writing, almost fell asleep on the couch so its really time to get some sleep) but since this was one of the first threads I spotted and I wanted to write a snippet...

    An original answer eh?

    If I were a staff member then chances are quite high that I might resign from the position (you didn't see this one coming, now did you?) :eek: Now, don't get me wrong here: this is obviously not meant to be negative, not at all, quite the opposite even mind you.

    Obviously my guess is as good as yours, and I also have my own ideas & impressions about the staff. Some (most) which I keep to myself, others...

    Well... Based on observations, on how I've seen people around me change a little bit in both their behavior and the way they act.. added up to all the stuff I read and the bits and pieces I managed to put together based on even more stuff which people told me (sometimes even inadvertently) then my assumptions are quite simple: In many cases a staff member is severely limited in the things he or she can do because they have rules and policies to uphold. At least that's my idea.

    Sure, the staff / moderators are regular players, and should be considered as such. But how many times have you seen a staff member really speak out about something? Hmm, on second thought best not get into that here (we'd derail a cool thread, lets not).

    Even so: although they are normal players on one hand, they also need to keep in mind that they represent EMC as a whole (to a certain degree maybe, but still..). And that brings limitations with it. Because there are things which you won't be able to do on your own, not without consulting the senior staffers anyway.

    Sure, you can share opinions about stuff, vent about things, but you'll always risk that some players (dare I say many players?) will pick up your words and arguments as a representative of Empire Minecraft, for good or bad is really not the issue here. So you'd always have to be careful, always weigh your words and your actions because in some cases you can't speak up because of your position as an EMC representative (one way or the other).

    And lets not even get into bias, shall we? But... It would be unfair not to mention this. But do note: I'm not saying the staff is biased (well, then again... aren't we all? Even I'm biased when it comes to EMC in comparison to other Minecraft places). What I am saying though is that a staff member will most likely always need to keep bias in mind.

    When a friend of mine breaks the rules and then finds himself corrected by the staff then I can come up to him and tell him right in the face that I think he was acting like a total idiot who should really get it into his thick skull and pea sized brain that he should know way better than the shit he pulled off. (no, this didn't happen for real :D).

    Would you be able to do that as a staffer while also making sure you keep your bias in check? I dunno ;)

    When EMC had issues with that virus scanner which blocked the EMC website I could simply hop on, present the facts and ask them to fix it. Could even have pressed on after they denied that there was a problem. I'm not directly associated with EMC (apart from contrib, but that has nothing to do with running EMC, more like supporting EMC) so I also don't speak or act on their behalf. Sure, you need to be careful with how you behave, but you don't have the weight on your shoulders that your actions can and will have consequences for EMC as a whole.

    In many ways I strongly believe to have a lot more freedom in my likes and doings while not being staff.

    At the risk of making it sound a bit too negative. That's obviously not the intent here, this is all pure based on personal opinions and observations mixed with a healthy dose of (sometimes well founded) assumptions & suspicions.

    There are obviously also a lot of good sides to being a staff member. But even so, I think the most important thing which many people sometimes tend to overlook is that being staff involves more than merely seeing your name turn green and getting 2 more residences added to your list ;)

    SO when I add all of that up then I seriously wonder how much of my normal behavior and doings I'd have to tone down, and how long I'd manage (or be willing) to keep that up :)

    And that's my 2 cents.
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