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  1. So, I'm leaving the forums for a while. I'll pop on occasionally, not as often as I do now.
    If you want to know why, contact me in a pm.
    If you need to talk to me, you can find me at residence 4029 on smp2.
    I'll check the forums every so often.
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  2. But, but, but why?
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  3. It was the title of the forum, calm down.
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  4. You know what. I'll tell you here.
    I'm sick of being hated for saying i don't like iron farms. It's my opinion.
    Some supporters are starting to annoy me.
    I don't really have any friends on the forums.
  5. :(

    Also congratz on 500 days!
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  6. Thank you.
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  7. I am a supporter, and I use iron farms. But i have never givin you a hard time. and honestly, the whole iron farm thing isnt a reason for anybody not to get along! I will be your friend! and i am sorry that you feel like you dont have any :(
  8. You know - I used to be a huge a-hole over the entire issue of people using iron farms ... I even went to talk Mojang with a private report saying it's an exploit - spawning golems outside of natural villages - and harvesting iron for virtually limitless iron ingots.

    The mods on the site - most of them told me it was working as intended - or that it's not really exploitation ... So I just had to get over it... and even though I still didn't like the idea... after awhile I was like "there's nothing I can really do to change it... So i'll just have to get over it a bit"

    Since then - I've befriended a lot of people that use iron farms... And I was like 'forget it' ... and now I could care less if someone uses it or not... People will make or use it anyways... With wastelands we'll have a lot more iron anyways - so rupee prices would have changed for iron anyways.

    Though, this doesn't change the fact you said people are berating you for not conforming to using an iron farm or liking the fact they use it. This is similar to something I said in a thread yesterday... If someone is your friend they won't care what you do or don't like - that's what makes them your friend is to respect what your choices are. If it's someone who does care what you say and keep complaining to you over something - especially if you don't know them or don't like them... Then don't worry what they think, they aren't doing you any good by stressing you out.

    All I can say is... just be yourself - If you don't like iron farms, that's your choice - No one can stop you... All i'm saying is people will still most likely use it and we possibly can't change that, but I do respect your opinion and hope you won't let people get you upset this easily. We are supposed to be a community not a society (We help each other, not change just because someone else wants you to live that way).

    Stay on the forums jacob :) and don't let other's choose what you like.
  9. I don't hate you for your opinion on iron farms. <3
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  10. Not you, just some others.
  11. Nor do I. Jacob's a pretty sound guy (Scouse Slang for awesome...), and everybody has an opinion on something.
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  12. Not liking iron farms is no reason to leave the forums. It's your opinion, and no one can change it. You can't change others' opinions, either. In the world we live in, no one can get everything that we want- we need to learn to compromise. You just need to let it go and hope that Mojang will take care of iron farms (I don't love them) but people will still create iron farms in villages. There's nothing you can do to get rid of iron farms, and I encourage you to stay on the forums and just ignore all of them.
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  13. Hey Jacob
    I don't use iron farms & honestly don't really know a whole lot about them, so I have 0 interest in them and 0 opinion about them. I like to mine to get my iron, but to each his own I guess. I think you're a cool guy. You were the first person to welcome me back to EMC after a long time I was away. So you've got a friend if you need one. Have your opinion, voice your opinion and people can deal with it. Everyone has a differing opinion on something and that's what makes the world great. Life would be boring if everyone had the same thoughts & ideas. Don't let anyone get you down or say your opinion is wrong. :D
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  14. OMG You uz iran frmas thas unlegitt! Lol jk. Don't listen to those supporters. People think stuff is a funny joke, but then it goes too far. So what Jacob does not like iron farms? That does not mean you be mean to him. Its his own opinion, so deal with it. Also, I can be your friend. :)
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  15. I agree with everything wise said and of course I will be your friend, Cookie will be anybody's friend :)
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  16. Right, Jacob, let me tell you about my opinion on iron farms.
    I, personally, love iron farms. Back when nfell's first outpost was alive (it died after he got banned), I used the iron farm there all the time. When I had to leave a few weeks ago to go to sunstreak, it killed me to leave it behind. I love them - but i've never actually made one myself. I plan to, but I don't know when :p Now, whether or not Mojang decides to keep them or leave them, I don't really care.
    You should just not use one if you don't like them, and let the people who do like them use them. You have an opinion and are 100% entitled to it... unless you live in NK and Kim Jong Un likes iron farms...

    So, please stay :( I don't hate you for not liking iron farms. I'll only hate you if i'm eating a cookie IRL and you somehow steal it off me...
  17. Thanks everyone.
    And soul, I'll get your cookie.
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