Welcome TheCritic back to the Developer team

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, May 25, 2020.

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    Happy to announce that TheCritic has rejoined the development team. He is currently taking a focus in helping out with the New Player Experience :)

    While we still got a lot of work to do with this 1.15 update, we're still trying to make advancement on features now that bugs are starting to stabilize.

    While my time is still going to be super busy fixing the server, hoping between the rest of the team we can get features back going here now.

    We've been hard at work, sorry if I've not bee as active on forums, but anyone who follows me in the developer community (I know some of you do) know it's been a wild ride fixing all the things.

    Thankfully, I'm working with Mojang and helping them identify the issues my peers and I have with the game. Thankfully Mojang has informed us they have hired some new people to really focus on performance and improving the game.

    So far 1.16 doesn't sound like it's going to be as big of an update for us... So here's hoping for that.

    Stay tuned for more news as it's ready!

  2. Welcome back, Critic!!! :D
  3. Nice to see you back :)
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  4. WOOT WOOT good to see you back!!
  5. Great news, both that TheCritic is back and the rest you said! :D Welcome back Critic, good luck and have fun! :)
  6. Welcome back! And big thanks to the dev team, I've noticed the TPS has been great lately.

    Big thanks to all! :)
  7. Welcome back Critic!
  8. Welcome Back Critic! The one time I see a dark blue name in the server, it's you! :D
  9. Now its our turn to be the critic hehe

    Welcome back!
  10. Welcome back man, I remember the days before you left~ ^^
  11. Nice to see ya back!:D
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  12. This news is Critical!
    Welcome back <3
  13. welcome back my friend :)
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  14. You see what quarantine has done to my man's? He turned from Mario to Wario
  15. Welcome back.. Good to have ya back on the team Critic! =D
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  16. Thanks, Aikar, for the update, and thanks, TheCritic, for wanting to help out!! :D
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