Welcome TheCritic back to the Developer team

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  1. itll be nice when the lighting bugs get fixed :( not just by EMC developers but my Mojang themselves. in 1.16 hopefully. its just annoying to the point of not bothering to play and that sucks because i want to play but the lighting bug just ticks me off that much :'(
  2. Hey Critic! I'll have to jump on again soon! I went back to school, so I've been a little too busy to play. But I'll come back soon.
  3. Welcome back to the Dev circle !!!
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  4. Do you mean the client lagging as you cross borders? If so, good news is next update (maybe tonight) we have a fix for that :)

    It is mojangs bug, but someone in the dev community found a server side workaround.
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  5. I'm not the person you quoted, but I certainly mean that bug! It's Mojang's bug? I thought it was added after an update from you on a Wednesday a few weeks ago (the update that increased render distance or something like that)? The bug I'm talking about is the lag I get when crossing chunk borders, and the freezing I get when teleporting.
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  6. Well, we caused a bug that caused light data to get corrupted, but the client lagging out is actually a full on client bug that has existed since 1.15 release.

    It's possible that any impacted chunks by the light glitch caused them to trigger that client bug more though, but hopefully with the fix, all will be well.
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  7. Hmm, interesting - as for me, I can say that that lagging bug only started after that Wednesday update, so perhaps the chunks near me somehow got impacted quite severely? Let's just hope the fix will also fix these issues. :)
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  8. Did you ever get SS to come look for and repair any messed up light? If not, that needs to be done.
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  9. I did not, thanks for the tip, will get to that tomorrow!
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  10. As I said before, the lighting issues could be server-side (and appear to be in this case), but that should not allow the client to freeze, in my opinion. ;) So that's the Mojang bug, I suppose; not dealing with corrupt lighting data properly, causing the client to freeze.
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  11. Welcome to the team TheCritic :) can't wait to see what the team has in store for us in the future!
  12. Seen TheCritic was on earlier. Gratz to him.

    Glad you also had contact with mojang as far as performance goes. Hopefully they can get some things figured out..

    Could put the word in their ear about a customizable gui platform.
    Basically something minecraft already supports but a developer could call upon a basic gui. Then just specify if said gui has X slots to send items via trade. OR Even for our vaults. A basic gui that has customizable parameters. There could be customizable crafting gui's, trading, vaults, books, dialogues between NPC's and such.

    Upon joining a server those gui parameters are downloaded.
    (it has to be mojang because of the fact not everyone would download a plugin and this stuff would take place between client and server side.
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  13. We bring that up at pretty much every discussion, and I brought it up again this last one :p Dinnerbone said it likely won't be for a while, but I asked him to least just try to port the basics of the Bedrock Edition version and let us experiment with it.
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  14. After the beast of an update that was "The flattening", updates are supposed to be easier right? Would you say this is the case, i.e. updates are easier/faster to do compared to before? 1.12 to 1.15 was an exception but I'm referring to 1.11 and below.
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  15. No, each update depends on how much mojang changes.

    1.14 was one of the worst updates in MC's history. 1.13 was pretty solid compared to it.

    The Flattening changed nothing in terms of update difficulty pre vs post. It was just THAT update had extra baggage of redoing lots of plugin code for older game elements.
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  16. Yay! Congrats Critic :)
    Glad to have ya back
  17. Im glad I explained it well enough for you to understand. Usually a graphic would make life easier in explaining things. But Darn. That alone would show they support multiplayer and would change gameplay dramatically in the aesthetics and functionality department.

    I am surprised the custom gui is not a priority to mojang. They must not see it as useful. However even in single player, it could be useful. Well, Aikar, You could maybe talk to him next time to see why they don't see it as a priority. Maybe ask if a petition would help them prioritize it. Heck even a Pros/cons list could go a long way.

    Wonder what else they have up their sleeves that is taking such priority.

    I do see how it could be "abused" to support gambling such as a lottery system. However I could see it being used for a "wishing well" idea, a trading post (like the web interface for auctions that i suggested previously). possible POS(player owned shops) with the gui displaying a players skin. I could also see this being useful for questing and even a turn based PVP mini-game.
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  18. It boils down to they have a large list of want to do's, and that's not something that benefits them directly, as they don't need "custom gui's" in the near term.
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  19. Welcome back Kotter!!! Kidding!!! Wb Mr. TheCritic, sir. Congorats! <3 :)
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  20. Oh yeah.
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