Wastelands reset scheduled with 1.15 update!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. That would be with vanilla rather than emc
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  2. Not everyone is on discord so it's nice to update here too. :)

    Good luck to everyone! :)
  3. We are preparing to start the update for EMC in ROUGHLY one hour. Please wind down any activities that you have going on and prepare for 1.15. I'll be updating as we get started as well. Remember that this WILL include a wastelands reset as well!
  4. Party time! :D
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  5. The one day I'm not at home :rofl: :lmao: Can't wait to get home.
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  6. You're missing out on the EMC Discord community. ;)
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  7. I guess it's time to log in and go mining for diamonds before the place gets reset.
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  8. Sorry.. just finished mining them.
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  9. I checked it a few times and saw exactly 0 things I cared about. :D I like the forums much more! I'm also already way too busy with school and stuff. :)
  10. welp.. this is amazing timing, lmao! unfortunate covid-19 situation but perfect time with everyone hopefully being hunkered down to go ahead and start playing with new update later today after a hopefully successful upgrade!
  11. Super excited- hoping the update goes as planned today. Made plans to play with my xbox friends tonight, but that means I have a couple hours of 1.15 if all goes as planned :p.
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  13. Woot!
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  14. YESSSS! PARTY! 1.15.2 here we come!

    <insert cat meme here>
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  15. 1.15.2? Thought it was 1.15?
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  16. 1.15 was the generic updating too. It was always to be the latest version of 1.15.
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  17. :)
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  18. It's 1.15.2
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  19. i have my shopping list for going into the new wastes so i can finish the shedload of farms i buit at xmas... i've made myself a new skin that looks suitably old and grumpy... bring on the new villager trading system!
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  20. If the server's up, why does it say io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectionException ? I cannot seem to get it.
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