Wastelands reset scheduled with 1.15 update!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Go with the netherforest. From the snapshots and screen captures I've seen - it's gorgeous.
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  2. That reset button is not big enough for 1.15 update and waste reset "Caboom"
  3. Nice! Can't wait!
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  4. My new laptop will be arriving just in time for the update :)
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  5. Almost time, who's ready to get bees-y? :D ......I'll go over here now :oops:

  6. Got one thing to say to you Chickeneer

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  7. Yes!!! :D :D <3
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  8. Gonna Second That
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  9. Tonight at the earliest!
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  10. Good job staff!
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  11. Much excite!! I’m finally going to set up that aquarium I’ve been planning to set up for around two years :p
  12. As long as no bugs popup! Fingers and toes crossed!:D
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  13. Will the frontier be effected? I know it wont be reset, but will the new biomes and mobs spawn in it?
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  14. The new biomes will load in areas you haven’t already loaded.
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  15. In new chunks, yes.

    That makes me wonder... I'm curious how EMC will manage the Nether Frontier when 1.16 comes... 🤔
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  16. Cross your fingers and toes! Come on update, come to Papa! No matter what happens no worries staff, I'm staying.
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  17. we are sooo close!!
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  18. It wans't reset when quartz was added so I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't reset this time
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  19. Frontier is for building not mining though
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