Wastelands reset scheduled with 1.15 update!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Which is another reason for not resetting it. :)
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  2. I look forward to the clashing chunk borders. :D
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  3. *popcorn*
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  4. *Buys you more popcorn*
    We've got some delays, but it's still happening soon. Aikats computer just hates him so he's doing a lot without his desktop instead.
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  5. oof
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  6. DELAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Just caught Aikat working real hard for us on this update..

  8. Can't wait till the update! So grateful for the devs for all their hard work and effort. Thank you guys. 5 star*****
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  9. Glorious...
    I didn't know "Aikat" had fur... but it is a nice touch...
  10. Turn the pc off and back on again lol
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  11. Ffrom what I understand. Aikar's desktop hard drive failed. Requiring replacement and setting things back up which takes time. :)
  12. Big oof
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  13. I hope it wasn't a head crash, because that's instant death for that drive... :\
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  14. Time for data recovery!
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  15. 1.12 digs in (claws locked in Java), takes another swig of coffee, and laughs maliciously at the 1.15 update. Under its breath it snarls "Update this!" as it sends out tendrils of code to seek and destroy other would be Dev's hardware attempting to bring 1.15 into the EMC world. The battle has been joined . . . :mad:
  16. Just curious, do you have an estimated date and time of the update?
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  17. In 3, 2, 1 1/2 1/4....
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  18. I updated discord but I'll update here too. Aikar is planning on today. He's crossed that hurdle.

    HOWEVER, many more hurdles may appear on the way which is why we can't promise it absolutely today. We're going to 'attempt today'.
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  19. Is there any chance that fortresses, witch huts etc. could break with the update?
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