Wastelands reset scheduled with 1.15 update!

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  1. Wastelands Reset Scheduled with 1.15 Update!
    This reset does NOT include the Frontier or Town.
    Please disassemble any structures you have in the WASTELANDS (wilderness AND nether) INCLUDING LOCKED CHESTS and move the materials and yourself to town ASAP. There will be an in-game announcement about this as well.

    With each version update, we update the wastelands. As we are nearing the final release of 1.15, it's important that everyone has their items moved before March 13th.
    (The update will occur as soon as possible after the night of the 13th. We do not have an exact time and it could be delayed on date due to final bug testing that is ongoing. This is a MINIMUM date)

    The wastelands are never meant for any permanent structures and are intended to be a mining and resource gathering land. They are generally reset once every 3 months, or alongside a version update, in order to allow for fresh lands to be generated for new blocks to be available.
  2. Woot, Can't wait!
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  3. Awesome!!! We are Soooo ready! :)
  4. So, so hyped to be able to play on the current version after... 2 years? on 1.12.2!
  5. I've never played on anything beyond 1.12
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  6. I'm so excited!! :D
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  7. Fresh soil for the Stream Gang!
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  8. 1.15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Woot woot! :D
    I have... Plans ;) Mooophahahaa!
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  10. I haven't really played 1.15 so I look forward to discovering everything it has to offer when we update.
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  11. Yessssss cant wait 😊 all new adventures awaits
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  12. Foxes, Bees, and Pillagers oh my!!! The hype is up :D
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  13. So much new stuff to learn, can't wait :)
    (And plenty more new stuff to kill people with at death events >:))
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  14. To also clarify on what I mean in my previous post...

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  15. 1.15 or 1.15.2?
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  16. The stable one, 1.15.2
    1.15 is in a general sense
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  18. So cool! Here comes the new Ocean! Let's Surf!
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  19. Finally it’s about time.
    Maybe I’ll return