Wastelands Reset [COMPLETE]

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, May 16, 2014.

  1. Wow. epic.

    What is being reset?
    Wastelands Nether
    Wastelands Wilderness

    What is NOT being reset?
    Frontier Nether
    Frontier Wilderness
    + every other world not list already :)

    Get your stuff you left in the waste quick, while you have a chance. :)

    And get suited up ready to raid the areas near outposts for awesome resources! :)
  2. Ah kay, thx 4 teh notice
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  3. Ill be waiting with my slik touch picks ready to go harvest the rare blocks. Will the seeds be changed? I mostly play on smp4 and our waste doesnt have a biome with packed ice and i wish it did.
  4. (it did :) )
  5. Yes seeds change
  6. Oh, i best go tear up all the rails i placed... few stacks of gold rails out there. :)
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  7. It used to, but I mined it :).
    This Wastelands reset may add more Packed Ice biomes, and I won't mine it this time.
  8. nice i have made some creeper holes (yes I'm "not so good" into killing mobs) and i cant get out than you find another creeper you know :D
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  9. great I can't wait for he nethers to reset
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  10. Fantastic news :D <- super happy face
  11. The wastelands have been the same since before I joined! Time to go back to my old mines I guess and salvage the old torches.
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  12. I think we will start doing them monthly from now on to ensure freshness.
  13. every month on the 17th tho? thats gonna bug everyone might as well just wait an extra month and do it on the 1st
  14. Lol it doesn't have to be every month on the exact day silly =P I am sure we can figure out a schedule
  15. It should be on the 17th just to bug everyone :p

    But is monthly going to put too much stuff into the economy. Because people won't have to travel so far(even though the wastelands aren't that big) to get materials. I'd think stretching to two months would work better.
  16. We will see how things go this time around before making that decision. Monthly may be too much, but with more players on the Empire, it may be what we need.
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  17. Honestly, I think sand is likely the only material that would be impacted, and maybe a good thing. people still dig it in the frontier...

    It's not hard to find an outpost even today in the Wastelands that has Diamonds not too far from spawn.

    So, were talking about reducing the effort of traveling 800 blocks to 200 blocks in terms of economic impact.
    When you look at the numbers so small like that, doesn't seem like that big of a deal then does it?
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  18. It doesn't really change much, does it. I wasn't sure on any of the numbers, so I just made what I'll call an assumption :p
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  19. the less used servers have diamonds directly off the safe zone i dont think routine resets are going to affect prices that much
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