want someone to build dirt replicas that can fit on a res of this

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  1. dont judge me, its for a build, and mine look like poo. willing to pay handsomely for a good 3d version of these
  2. No judgement. Seems perfectly normal. Really...
  3. So you want a 60x60 dirt replica of those tentacles...?
  4. well i want something that will look nice and to scale within the confines of 60x60 it does not have to fill up the space
  5. still need dis
  6. Do you have a rough size you want them to be or do they just have to fit on the property?
  7. they just have to fit, the larger the better but if it looks good small then that works
  8. If you want something close to this. I believe BigDavie has something similar. He's got a giant Octopus with tentacles on a res. I forget which smp... Maybe worth a look to see how he designed them and fashion something similar to that.
  9. I can try to do this in singleplayer if you can't find anyone else, but I have alredey got too much proper build requests going, so I suggest you to lok for someone else if you want it done this year :p
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  10. thats what ivebeen hearing from everyone i know who could handle this type of vague job lol
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  11. Sounds like a nice challenge but you should give us some details :
    how many tentacles/clumps of tentacles?
    of which max height and max width for a clump, of how many?
    What will they be for : just as is or will they support/hold something up?
    Do you want them 100% out of dirt?
    and how much would you pay for the job?
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  12. atleast 5 clumps with varying sizes and lengths
    max height is probably ummmmm height level 106 how every many you can make that looks good
    they are supposed to be thrusting out of the ground around and through a building that i have yet to make pending the tentacles on my res on 12248
    i will be making them out of red nether brick and the suction cups out of bone blocks so if you wanted the model made out of those that would be fine but dirt works as well.
    depending on how good they look i would be willing to pay up to 80k
  13. I see. I'm willing to try, but...

    Problems are :

    1/ these tentacles start already thin and get very very thin at the tip, but the minimum thinness attainable will be 1 block. For it to look thin compared to the rest of the tentacles, they will need to start quite fleshy at the base. For a clump of 5 wiggly tentacles, that would be at least a ground coverage amounting to a circle of 20 of diameter, ad minima. on a 60*60 residence, that would limit the number of clumps, especially if you want to put a building in the middle. Do you have an idea of the size of the building?

    2/The tentacles taper from the base to the tip, so this will be a big problem to fit in two sides : the tentacle's back and the suction cups... There might quickly be no room left for the latter, on the thinner tentacles especially.

    So the question is : can the tentacles be a bit more "flattish" and fleshy? Can the clumps have less tentacles per clump (are the smaller ones necessary)?
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  14. yes and yes, the building in the centre is a tower so it shouldnt take up much room at all
  15. ok! game on! I'm willing to try! How do we do this? and are there deadlines?
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  16. well im tryna get the res up and running by halloween so like 3 days before then?
  17. I, also, am a fan of Japanese smut.
  18. Ok. So How do we do it?
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  19. well depends on how you want to do it, i can give you a res to do it on or you can use yours. just lemme know how you want to proceed.