Voters Enderpearl

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What do you think about this suggestion?

+1 36 vote(s) 81.8%
0 3 vote(s) 6.8%
-1 (post a reason in a response) 5 vote(s) 11.4%
  1. A Voters Enderpearl would be unlimited in uses.

    Is it overpowered? It should be very difficult to obtain, and players could probably get it at vote bonus 1,000 (or lower if 1,000 is too high). A timer could also be added between each use (ex. 5 seconds).

  2. Meh I wouldn't call it overpowered. I mean you can't use it to travel that much faster. Everytime you throw it you still have to wait for it to land.
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  3. Love it. I can't wait for new rewards to come out! Can't wait to get them all too XD.
  4. Perhaps it could have a minute use delay so you cant spam it, this could be neat
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  5. Perhaps you could add reason as to why you dislike this idea? And we might be able to improve on it.

    On that topic. This could be cool, especially if it's at 1000 votes. I say we could improve on this and it might become a thing.
  6. Yeah this could be very useful. I do think the timer between each use should be more than 5 seconds :) maybe 3-5 minutes?
  7. They only take hearts if you land in a spot and then fall from it. Drowning isn't an issue either. Even without voters helm you can make it to surface.
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  8. Clever idea.
  9. I like it! But i think the streak should be wayyy lower =P 1000 days is roughly 3 years, which means one won't be in existence till around 2018, so i think 300 to 400 is better eh? Other than that the idea is awesome.
  10. Not necessarily. If you started at 0 streak today, would only take 500 days if you manage to vote every 12 hours. (Which is very doable).
  11. Ah that's true =p lol i forgot you can do that, i'm lazy so i only vote once every 24 hours on topg =D still i think 1000 is a wee too much
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  12. Kephras would receive it in 101 days.
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  13. how? blackmail?!
  14. He's been voting for quite a while now. :p
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  15. I plan on being over 1000 at this time next year :D Only 572 votes to go!
  16. lmao peeps and here i was sittin being all proud of my 150 streak! =P
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  17. I really lik this idea.. But I feel this should be a promo and not a voters reward. As a promo you can make it kinda OP but as a voter reward it shouldn't be OP. If this idea was changed to a promo like the avaluncher, I would be +1.