Voters bonus item list expansion (past 300)

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  1. EDIT : (no iron or diamond voters set) It would be great to expand the voters item a little bit further and include Chain and Gold armor sets for every 100 extra vote bonus streak. Up to 500 vote streak

    I think other poeple thought of it too before but I didn't see any suggestion on it as far as I went back.

    Having a Umbreakable Gold armor would just look stunning! Chain armor too would look cool.
    Since those 2 armor sets are somewhat not really used it would be fashionable to have them too.

    To bring it up a notch, they could both have different protection types. (Ex: Chain for projectile, Gold for Blast or Fire) it would give them both different purpose than leather vote armor set. .

    This is open for discussion! Go crazy!
  2. +1 More vote armor for diff uses
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  3. +1 I really like this idea!
    I always used voter's armor but I died frequently and lost countless good items, I don't think the diamond armor is a great idea however, because that would be very overpowered and even with a really high vote streak, it just seems a little much.
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  4. A faster Pick (Golden pick with eff 7 and unbreakable)
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  5. +1 for more vote items (which I think is going to happen at some point) but I think the armour is fine as is. I think diamond armour would be too powerful, especially since it's unbreakable. I've been playing with full voters set for months now. Sure you will get utterly destroyed on higher difficulties, but for most times it's more then enough to survive.
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  6. I think the OP means smechxsy buttery gold, and berderss muckle chain.
    I apologize for weirdness.
  7. Yep. After consideration, only chain and gold sets. They are more unique too. Nobody uses them anyway
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  8. Agree the chainmail and gold armour would be neat, but again higher vote levels. Definitely agree never diamond :)
  9. This has been suggested multiple times (just saying!) but it's also one of those suggestions which so far never got an official answer yet either. And well, I'm biased anyway because I'm all in favor for more goodies.


    But... As ThaKloned also rightfully said above: just as long as things don't go OP, I'd really like new goodies, but only as long as they don't ruin gameplay.

    I'm still hoping for a voters clock (just a soulbound clock, nothing more) to complete my voters set. Now that the compass has become totally awesome and all... (I always keep the Empire Assistant with me nowadays; if I die it'll point me directly to my death point, total awesomeness!).
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  10. +1 of course

    Although I am still not remotely close to reaching 300, I will be happy if this were added :D
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  11. I vote +1 for getting a DC of diamond blocks once you reach a voting streak of 635
  12. Adding more items is on the list already. Aikar just has to get around to it. Some stuff will include max res vouchers and much more.

    And the items are going to be above 300 as you already get stuff all the way to 300.

    Heck I have 512 bonus right now. I want some stuff at like 700+, it's supposed to be a challenge to get them.....
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  13. I would love this i got a vote bonus of 565 an all i get is the usual diamonds emeralds , stable an vault voucher i want more vote bonus items.
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  14. I guess I struck a sensitive string here. Glad to reignite the interest of fellow players :)

    I have other suggestions too but I will create different thread since they are not the same per say.

    Keep comments coming! We are establishing a pretty clear image of what we'd like to see and what we feel would be overpowered.
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  15. I have to vote -1 to any further exclusivity for time based rewards. I like loyalty programs but I feel like we already have enough that might discourage new players from beginning their journey. The further behind they feel because they are "late to the party" the less likely they are to stick around after that first week.
  16. The list has been formulated since late September 2015. Awaiting code, but other things come first on the priorities list.
  17. This isn't like promos where they have specific monetary values related to how long ago they were released. These are items that are identical to all the same items everyone else gets. So voters gear is the same today as it was a year ago.

    If a new player doesn't want to vote to gets voters gear, it's their loss because they are extremely useful.
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  18. Yeah. I feel like everyone reads this post differently.

    I know I never felt left behind those 300 streak players because I knew that I wanted to get there one day. Even after a long break I barely dropped 10 points which isn't bad at all. Now that I live in the wild, I just hope they will find the solution to get access to those reward mail from in the wild.

    Can't wait to dig forever. Fish forever.
    When I run private server we make milestones like that. If we get fully Ironised, I spawn umbreakable versions of them with no enchantment on them and so on. Its great to always have a good tool.

    I'm amazed at the Fortune III thats on all voter's gear. That's going to be wicked when I finally get my hands on them

    Hahaha I dare to propose a voter reward: Infinite torch! Lol can put them infinitely, doeznt drop anything on break. (Too complicated without mods I know) just for the giggles
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  19. I partially agree. My feedback wasn't specifically for voters gear but the general trend of adding more and more perks that separate new players from the established old. The point is that a new player arrives and thinks, "what does it take to achieve equal standing?" If they get the impression that it will take a year then they might go elsewhere where this time is shorter.

    Anyhow, just wanted to clarify a little more behind what I'm saying. I don't think the addition of a few more unique voter's items would drastically tip the scales.