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  1. Hmm. I thought the dates on the rupee history page automatically changed depending on the time zone in your settings on the website. Check to see if your timezone is set to EMC time.
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  2. I was thinking foamer, if we merge two player's transactions because one player is an alt... what if one of my names change and my old name gets taken by someone else?

    I think at that point, when two player names are merged, everytime shopkeeper downloads transactions and it should detect the alt's name, and then we get the option to merge with an existing player (azoundria4 with azoundria) or to create an entirely new profile for azoundria4 (use if azoundria no longer owns azoundria4). If the entirely new profile option is chosen, I think then the data that was merged to azoundria should stay with azoundria (while azoundria4 was azoundria's alt), and all future transactions from azoundria4 would get recorded in that separate profile.
  3. Hey Pal,
    Would like to see a change to the "Item Name" Column in to Auto Format / Give the user the setting to enable formatting of item names. It's difficult to read "Easter Bunny" When it shows up as "&aE&ba&ds..." I imagine this would be a fairly easy patch to add in..

    Thanks again
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  4. As you have demonstratd, merging alts and changed names would be a complicated process to say the least, buddy. xD Unfortunately, I dont think I will be working on this functionality any time soon, due to its complexity.

    As it stands now, I have to make those mappings manually in the code. Giving the user the ability to do this would be fairly complicated. If you have the "report unknown items" setting enabled, I will have receved a notification about this particular item, and I will fix its name in the next release.
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  5. You couldn't Split the itemname at every "&" Symbol, and look for a letter. Correlate it to an array with colors already written in. Theres like 15 colors you can do. Just an idea to make life easier. It wouldn't be perfect though and possible that some text would become broken. Thats why i was asking for an option to view the item name with colors. I was looking at your code and think I might be able to do it easily but I am no java programmer :p. Hope ya can look into it more and we can run ideas by each other to make it reality. At the moment of that post, I was doing Micro controller programming to control the colors of an LCD.
  6. Yeah, displaying colors would make things even more complicated. Might be possible to strip out the color codes automatically, though.
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  7. I apologize in advanced as I have been to the bars tonight. But maybe a solution to this would be to give the option to export info to a text file that is the user's login name? ie my info export would be jkjkjk82.txt, my alt's would be [something better].txt. Then you could make an option to merge multiple hostoric data from text file. The user would have to select which text file to choose from.

    This (should) allow for still simple design, yet let advanced users have more choices.

    As of now, I can't recall if you collaborate on this project. When I am graduated and have some legitimate free time I would love to contribute to this with you if you would allow it. Give me a month and I may beo f some use around here:p:
  8. I dont know if exporting to a text file would help any. The app could just ask you for the names that you want to merge.

    I havent collaborated anyone on this project but you are more than welcome to submit a pull request on Github. :)
  9. Never saw this thread, love the idea. If I start a shop I'll look it over again.
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  10. Another suggestion for my foamin' buddy!

    I'm wondering if it would be possible for you to put in a feature where we can choose when the database gets backed up. Right now it gets backed up when shopkeeper opens, I wonder if you can create a way where we can choose between:

    Backing up when the program opens or
    Backing up when the program closes

    No need for selecting both because when you close the program, there's no need to back it up when it opens again, so it would just need to be between the two options.
  11. Hmm, thanks for the suggestion buddy. I'll look into it. :)
  12. Version 0.5.14 released! Changes include:
    • Item name fixes.
    • Player supporter status and titles are now displayed correctly when you view transactions by player.
    • The chat log viewer now correctly color-codes the community chat channel.
    • Tweaked the chat log viewer's UI to improve usability.
    • Added a menu item for opening the profile folder: [ Tools > Open Profile Folder... ]
    • Renamed a menu item: [ Tools > Log... ] renamed to [ Tools > Show Application Log... ]
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the app from reading its own error log.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the app to crash on Mac if the user tried to quit the app while the splash screen was still visible.
    Download it now!
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  13. Looking for the Minecon Hat + Spark Name Fix update :D

    Great App still. Appreciate it!
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  14. Thanks! :D Every now and then, I check for unrecognized items and fix them, so it will hopefully be fixed soon!
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  15. This is the coolest thing I have seen so far.
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  16. Just gotta keep you on your toes. :) Hope one day you'll just read the symbols and auto format the text :D
  17. Hate to bump an old thread but had a quick question; is there a way to sort specifically by locked chests? Thank you!
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  18. No, the rupee transaction log on the website does not distinguish between what kind of chest the items are stored on so there's no way to tell.
  19. Alright, thank you!
  20. Could there perhaps be a filter/something that would only show transactions of 1000 (or 500, whatever the cost of a locked chest is - it's been literal years since I made one :p) rupees? This would bundle the locked chest transactions with some others, but as the amount of those other transactions is likely small, finding what you are looking for should be much easier.