Time to first million rupees?

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  1. So for you business-minded EMCers out there, how long did it take you to hit your first cool mill? Also, what got you there? A shop? Mining?

    Question marks?
  2. About 2 years, and I just got AlexChance to give me 3 million, because it was easier than making my own shop. :)
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  3. Haha, well that works!!!
  4. I'm still working on it :p Money seems to burn a hole in my pocket, but in a figurative way of course :D
  5. Creating a shop with materials such as

    iron ingots/ores
    gold ingots/ores
    Will get you a ton of rupees. Someone on smp4 get's around 5ok a day from his small shop. ;) I'm currently working on that now :D
  6. Well, I had around 360k around 3 years ago, then I was unbanned about 200 days ago. In that time, I made around 1.4 mil off of selling promos privately (then spent it all. =P)
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  7. Banned? You got banned? :eek:
  8. i left for a couple months long break, came back the week of Thanksgiving with 0 rupees. It took me a little less than 5 days to pass 1 million from there.
  9. You could get a million rupees in like 7-10 days on average, if you play for about 5-7 hours each day
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  10. If you're talking one mill in the bank at a time, then I've never got to see that. But I've probably had a million or two over my EMC career.
  11. the most ive ever had was about 6 mil at one time
  12. My all-time highest rupee balance was about 2,400,000r.

    I reached 1,000,000r on June 17th, 2014.

  13. Let's see.. It's been over 3 years and my most I've ever capped in was 201k. (Now). My advice, be determined when you decide to do something.
  14. What's the most rupees anyone has ever had?
  15. At one point in time, yes. I was immature though. Worst time of my life.
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  16. Wisdom is not found in reading books - it's gained by being stupid most of the time or watching other people be stupid.

    Much you have learned since that period; you're a fantastic contributor to the community.

    As for the OP, not there yet but I have cracked 190k as my high so far. :)
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  17. Agreed, I did learn a lot in my time. It was we'll deserved. =)
  18. Well, my record for Most Earned in One Day is 25,750 rupees.
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  19. I enjoyed looking this up. It reminded me of a lot of experiences. When I first joined, I didn't really know what I wanted to do. The second night I was playing I had been mining then had to find some food. So I went to the surface and started some wheat growing. I was munching on some Zombie meat while I was waiting for the wheat and a player came bounding out of the night. Zeke1o0o had just joined as well. We played together a bit and I eventually asked him what plans he had. He told me he planned to build a nice shop so I asked if I could join him.

    We started out selling from chests out in back of the shop he was building. We had things like Oak logs, Cobble, Stone, and Glass, then kept adding things as people asked for them like Lava and Water. Eventually we moved everything inside.


    At the time smp7 had just opened and there were lots of competing shops and people building. We would compare Rupees and I can see in my log where my balance fluctuated a lot because I was experimenting with reselling things. At some point we found a Skeleton spawner and built an experience farm. Something we decided was that we would only sell things we could consistently supply and we avoided things that there was a lot of competition for. We split things up so that neither of us had to supply all the items in any group.


    It wasn't too long before the shop started getting pretty cramped so we built a new shop. We also started building item farms to supply more items in the shop. Supplying the shop became sort of a full time job. I would log in every day and refill my chests before going off to play.


    I sold a lot of Stone, Glass, Obsidian, and Logs. I also made a lot of Rupees from crafting items like Pistons and Repeaters. People seemed to prefer buying them over taking the time to craft or mine those things. I started selling enchanted items and Ores. I also recall that at one point no one seemed to be able to find Slime and we had a farm so everyone was coming to me for Sticky Pistons. At some point I started building item farms, grinders, and generators for people.

    We built a Wither Skull farm just after the update that added Wither Skeletons. Zeke sold Beacons at first and I sold Skulls. I sold my first Skull in November and a month later had reached a million Rupees. A month after that, I had two.


    At some point, a lot of the players with competing shops stopped playing and we found ourselves in a bit of a void. Rather than celebrating, I felt kind of disappointed. The Rupees didn't have much meaning anymore and it seemed like people were relying on us to chop wood and mine for them. Around that time there were also a lot of people farming Wither Skulls that were driving the price down so I stopped that. It had gotten old any way.

    We eventually decided we should close the shop rather than let it start going out of stock or getting out dated because we were pretty busy outside of EMC. On and off I consider doing another shop. I look back on it with a lot of nostalgia. I met a lot of friends and we had a lot of fun growing our little empire.
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  20. A hell of a lot. Not going to say amount/whos it was, but I've seen numbers waaaayyyyyy higher than I expected anyone would have.