[Thread of threads to be thread] is Eternal. It will never die.

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  1. Happy Easter friend, I hope the santa troll brings you large amounts of shark bait
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  2. shark bait ooh ha ha!
  3. Yes thanks for pointing that out, very impoortant part of the sushi
  4. Now I hunger for tasty aquatic flesh wrapped in rice.
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  6. That. Emoji. Is. Beautifull.
  7. Thanks! I had never drawn at angles before, and especially as it had to be able to be used for an animation it was quite challenging. The head bobbing was introduced by accident, but I liked it, so while I fixed some other issues after seeing the gif (most importantly, in the first completed version his blue belly moved back and forth/left and right) I kept that in.
    I think I'll keep it in my signature for a while. ;)
  8. its really amazing you should keep it forever
  9. lol
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  10. Someone here has been rummaging through my peonies.
  11. this still isn't dead? omg! ^.^
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  12. it shouldn't be
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  13. It’s eternal. Says so in the title.
  14. its a lie!
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  15. Then how do you explain my peonies?

  16. Mate check
  17. You all fail.

    It's been precisely two years since I said that, and you only made it to 38 pages? I am very disappointed in each one of you.

    As a result of this failure, I will not be returning to EMC as an active member.


    In other news, after many presses of a random number generator, it finally spit out a number that was actually on the list, and that number is...


    Congratulations, TomvanWijnen, you won the draw! Your prize is...

    ...Finally getting your 5 ordered things! And those, of course, were likes on your profile statuses. (So I don't have to log in.)

    Three days before TomvanWijnen requested that number, Keliris said it was a cool number:

    I agree, Keliris. I agree.

    Okay, buh bye.
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  18. I would like you to know That I have done my part in keeping this going!!!
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  19. you can't leave.. i've been waiting over a year for that res transfer.. :D
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