[Thread of threads to be thread] is Eternal. It will never die.

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm Uber_Corq. I'm new to EMC and I'd like to introduce myself.

    No wait, I want to tell you about my new business. I'm selling fifteen single-chests of coal ore that's been renamed to just say "Coal Or". I think you guys will like it and I'm asking for 12345r per single-chest and I think that's very fair. Oh, sorry guys, I just got off the phone and I'm all sold out.

    That's okay, cause it's not even the real reason I brought you here today. I wanted to share my new Minecraft creation, and I think you'll like it. It's a perfect, scale replica of New York City that I made in single-player. It took me about 20 minutes hours to build, and I think it was worth it.

    Check it out!

    That was pretty cool, huh? You guys can donate to my Patreon and check out my Youtube channel. Here's a link for where to find them.

    Anyway, this is a great thread so far, huh guys? You can take a moment right now to vote in the poll how good you think this thread is so far on a scale of 1-7.

    Hey, remember when I showed you that New York City build I made? That was pretty sweet, right? Let's check that out again!

    Ah, good times.



    So hey, you guys want to play a forum game or something?

    Okay, here's the rule. Just post your favourite thing about the post above yours. So, for starters, the first person to reply should post their favourite thing about this OP. Then the next person should post their favourite thing about the way the first person described their favourite thing about this OP. And so forth.

    This is just the first in a long series of forum games I will be making in this style. I hope you guys enjoy this new age of forum games, which will inevitably culminate in me getting forum-banned for excessive thread spam.

    Please vote in the poll and like me on Facebook. Thanks, bye!!!

    2 - kaptrix
    3 - AncientTower
    5 - nuclearbobomb
    7 - SkeleTin007 loves it
    11 - We3_MPO
    13 - Kytula
    17 - NathanRP
    21 - TromboneSteve
    38 - Keliris says it's cool
    38 - TomvanWijnen, also.
    42 - ShelLuser
    43 - ShelLuser, again
    76 - DarkModFallen
    132 - FluffeMarshmallo
    ∞ - nltimv
    no numbers ever - Baradar67, ItsMeMatheus, & Hashhog
  2. My favorite part is the part where you talk about what your favorite part is
  3. My favourite part are the special effects: how you somehow froze time and replayed the post for us as if it was a video. That must have been some major effort!
  4. My favorite part is where you talk about him talking about what his favorite part is
    [EDIT] Goddamngit Shel, you ninjad me :L
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  5. did he really
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  6. My favourite part is the part where you said "SoulPunisher is such a sexy animal, I wish I could wake up next to him everyday <3".

    I mean, it's not in there, but it should be.
  7. I like it how you question him saying that I ninja'd him even though we could read it.

    I'm so confused about the rules right now :p
  8. I like how I read the OP wrong :oops:
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  9. I like it how we now seemingly managed to finish the game :D

    Corq: what's our reward? :)
  10. Your reward is the realization that the game is far from over. (it ends when staff lock the thread)

    I like how you thought you could win so easily.
  11. I'll take number 2.
  12. I like how you made Shel realize that he didn't get a prize for his efforts :D

    I like how they turned this in a giveaway thread :p
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  13. I like how the person above me got ninja'd :D
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  14. I like how you like things. Also liked your comment about how you like things.
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  15. This was my favorite part because it indicated that your post was over.
  16. I like how i'm in the picture :3
  17. My favourite part is how you now have to receive alerts from this thread. :p

    It's the gift that keeps on giving!
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  18. Not so fast!
  19. This is really cool ;) and I like the way you said about getting alerts and me giving you another alert :p

    By the way I love the number 7 lol
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  20. And ironically that is what I rate this at ;)
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