The Union Jack Has Arrived!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Yes, it is finally here.
    Type /town, go downstairs, through the portal to the Flag Shop.
    Each side costs just 1r a piece. (2 maps make the flag)

    Now let's see that British Pride!

  2. First (Muahahaha.... I shall rule the world)
    Cool krysyy, also nice derp in global chat :p
  3. Woot woot! Love that British pride! :D
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  4. Woah 2 RUPEES?! Empire Shop prices are just absurd!!!
  5. wooop at last
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  6. Yay nice to see more flags.
  7. Great to see some more flags out, thought they'd be released for special events but nonetheless this is a great addition and I'll be sure to pick up some of these tomorrow! :D
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  8. Was working on it recently and no special British events are coming up. Consider it a belated special event item.
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  9. 2...... million
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  10. I need a ton of these...

    Is there a possibility you could also make the flags of the individual countries within the UK sometime in the future? Especially those who aren't represented in the flag, like Wales - which, by the way, has an amazingly epic flag :p

    EDIT: Wales is represented in the flag, but only through one of the three crosses.
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  11. We'll see. I have a list I'm going off of and people requested the Union Jack most of all and something with that much detail would take a lot of work/blowing up to look right =P
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  12. British and Northern Irish pride*
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  13. now make the mexican flag
  14. SWEET
    EDIT: 15th
  15. GIF game strong in this one xD
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  16. We have the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill's death in 4 days, which some people in this country like to call 'The Death of the British Empire'... even though we still have the Commonwealth and overseas territories, and the Empire fell years before :p
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  17. Not exactly what I meant. Releasing a British flag to celebrate what people say was the death of the British empire probably wouldn't be a very good thing =P
  18. Yay! I been looking forward for this :) Excellent job!
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  19. Yes thank you so much