The Stream Team is Under NEW Management

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  1. Once upon a time, there was a hamster that knew how to make really awesome videos. However, that hamster also had school and mock exams to worry about. *bummer* However, those exams are now over and the hamster has more time to play on EMC and dabble in the streaming world. As a result, let me formally introduce EMC to the (long pending) promotion of JackBiggin to the title of Stream Team Lead.

    We could think of no one else more suitable for the promotion and the wait was well worth it. I'm pretty sure this hamster doesn't sleep...however, he needs some hamster minions to help bring Stream Team to life. That's where you come in!

    If you have a knack for video creation, editing, and/or streaming, then we urge you to apply for our Stream Team. Some basic knowledge and experience is required so please read over the application thoroughly. Let's get this hamster wheel in motion!

    The application can be found at:
  2. Awesome! Congrats Jack!

    edit: first
  3. Cool. Cool cool cool.
  4. So the stream team is still not going to stream?
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  5. Woot, Woot........
  6. Pshhh
  7. Man I wish I could submit an application but I don't have service on my phone so I can verify anything, and I am just starting out and trying to learn how to use lightworks ;n;
  8. Well the point of the team is to coordinate with those people TO stream (on their own channels) but with a consistent EMC brand that helps show professionalism and deliver people to targeted pages (holy crap this statement just screamed marketing!!)

    Jack of course will be handling all that management. And we are looking at a way to stream to official EMC channel too.

    But basically, by jack handling this, he's able to focus on it where Krysyy obviously has 10 thousand other things on her plate, so we can see some action now!
  9. We have streaming stuff too ;)

    But yeah, if you're capable of basic video editing and basic streaming, a lot of our stuff is premade to make your life super simple - you can basically just drag and drop it on to make your videos look professional.
  10. Ah, pity I don't know much about video editing beyond moving and removing segments of video and adding captions of text, and I've never streamed before. Still very new to Youtube and the recording world. Maybe down the road when I know more.
  11. Actually that'd be all ya have to do. It's not difficult to edit LPs the issue is keeping up with them and constantly uploading. It's also hard to be entertaining when playing by yourself to hundreds of other people.
  12. Congrats JackBiggen. Looking forward to what you and the stream team produce... :)
  13. Thats Awesome! Congrats Jack I cant wait to see what you and the stream team come up with.:D
  14. Congrats JackBiggin! :D
  15. Okay. Then I'll say I'm probably not entertaining enough, especially if I have to record every day. XD
  16. Someone should get erosego to come back to EMC and stream.
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  17. Awesome! Congratz JackBiggin! :)
  18. I messaged her :p
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  19. Congrats, Jack!!!:D