The New A.

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  1. Nice
    A shame the logo has no birds though
  2. Ooo I'm 3rd to comment :3 (it never happens.) I like it.
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  3. Excellent :)
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  4. Looks good.
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  5. nice

    any other news on EULA changes? (upcoming)
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  6. I love how there was a vote and 'design tweaks' and everything on this.

    It's just an A in the title.
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  7. Any update on the new spawns? Last we heard it was early February.
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  8. You called?
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  9. Hey so I wasn't really around for the poll but question: Due to how the M and N look, with all the little block ridges, will we have to eventually change those too? Would they be considered Minecraft assets?
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  10. What will you do about the Player Made Banners of the vote sites? Not sure if you have access to the original file. Or what if you made a New Banner contest with a New start of the A as well as the new changes since the last one?
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  11. No. It's just stylistic ridges on the letters.

    If they were to go after people for that, it'd be like someone copyrighting the word 'the' and suing everyone who uses that word.
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  12. I guess that's cool, I mean it's just an A like Synth said.
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  13. We'll keep you updated as we go. Currently only changes are cosmetic at the moment, with the changing of the A and temporary removal of images on Supporter page (until new ones are drawn up).
    Working on diligently as I can. Though the final teleport activation will likely have to wait til beginning of April due to Aikar's irl work, but we are trying to make things go as fast as possible in between his irl work and my irl moving.

    Update: Finally fixed a major issue with this. Might make it my march 1st if Aikar's side goes okay with minimal effort. Otherwise it will be after his irl project sums up in a month.
    The majority of the banners are all created by AlexC__ and they have been given the updated logo in large version to use.
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  14. Thanks for the update.
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  15. I think the logo had best be changed to a script font... cant' have all those Block letters probably...