[POLL] Empire Minecraft Logo: Changing the A

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How do you think the A should look?

Poll closed Feb 1, 2017.
Small square 18 vote(s) 6.5%
Long Rectangle 20 vote(s) 7.2%
Smiley face 101 vote(s) 36.5%
Small square with longer legs 185 vote(s) 66.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Poll: How should the 'A' look?
    As we get further into 2017, EMC is working to become fully EULA compliant. That being said, each step on the way requires some changes to some aspects of EMC that have been around for a LONG time and change is difficult for some.

    The official Empire Minecraft logo must have a small alteration in order to remove the creeper face, which is technically a Minecraft asset, from it. It's important we know what players of the community want before finalizing everything. We use this logo in a LOT of places that will all be changing soon. Please note that the only differences between the pictures below have to do with the 'A' and that's all we are looking to change at this time. We look forward to seeing what everyone thinks. Poll closes February 1st.

    Please review and vote in the poll. This is a public vote in order to prevent abuse by alts. You may choose more than one design if you like multiple.

  2. Four is easily my favorite. The first one has to much random space in the middle, the second one doesn't have enough random space, and I never really liked the look of smiling creepers.

    Plus, the fourth one matches up nicely with the rest of the letters. :)

    [EDIT] Oh cool, first. Since this is valuable advertising space, I'd like to tell the world that Dufne is a nub. :p

    Also, a new logo in the future may look snazzy. :]
  3. Trying this again....added ability to have more than one option selected if you happen to like more than 1 equally as well as a 4th option.
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  4. You basically ninja'd me with that new design option :p
    Had an entire post ready and everything...
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  5. What about mine lol? jk jk Just designed that for fun - and everyone hated it ;)
    But, I don't prefer any one of these... I would like to see a brand new logo.

    EDIT: This reminds me of the scarlet letter :eek:
  6. 4th is best :p
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  7. I think all of them look A-okay!
  8. Thank you for your feedback, but the only thing we are changing at this time is the A. This change will very likely carry over into a new 'rendition' of the logo, at whichever time that may be.
  9. ಠ_ಠ
  10. 4 the best

    Edit: i preffer the smiley face now... it represents more of the community and its silly so i like it
  11. The current A did look a bit creepy anyways.
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  12. Why wuz my post deleted? ._.
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  13. It's a new thread
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  14. Tbh, the Smiley Face made me laugh when i saw it, :p
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  15. The A rectangle should be the same size as the R rectangle because it bothers me if they aren't :p
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  16. Once the design is decided, then I'll go into the vector file and make it all line up properly. This is just a mock-up. It bothers me too =P
  17. Do creepers ever smile?
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  18. NOTE: These are my fan-designed logos. Please do not rage on me saying that I hated the logos. The current logos are great for the current server. But, I went a step further and created my own. (plz no drama)
    Yes, I know they are terrible. :/
  19. How the heck did I not notice the "A" was a creeper?
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  20. So this is what Aya was talking about :D The poll came, then disappeared and now it's back :)

    Anyway, I used the right to vote for 2 options in order to vote for both Aya and myself ;)

    I definitely like the 4th option because it looks pretty neutral and also looks good. But I still voted for number 3 as well because the smiley sits close to the original creeper and it could also symbolize the friendliness of the server (Extremely Mild Chat anyone? ;) ).

    Thanks for letting the community have a say in this as well Krysyy!
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