The Major Update - 7/1/15

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  1. This is a big one! This update contains nearly all of the changes necessary to get us ready to support name changing. It converts all concepts of "Ownership" to use User ID's instead of Names.

    This update also fully migrates the /res command to our modern command system, bringing tab completion and verification to commands.

    The update is currently live and has a few known bugs that we are working to fix now, please report here of more bugs.

    This update has around 100 commits (changes of code) in it!


    • all signs that list names on them such as Lock Signs, Shop Signs, Access/Restrict will convert on use to use User ID's internally. You will still see the name on the sign, but the name will dynamically change if the user changes their name.
    • All Residences and Residence Permissions now use ID's internally. You will no longer be able to set permissions for a player that has never played on EMC (There was so many typos in player names on pset or "set perms for player named everyone"....)
    • Fixed issues with res resets still not fully removing all items/itemframes on a Residence
    • /dispose now provides feedback
    • Next Wastelands Reset will also include the Vanilla world border
    • Prevent users breaking restrict signs unless they have admin flag
    • Res Resets no longer reset the road
    • Fixed bug allowing players to bypass the chat filter in certain ways
    • Chat Filter is now more lenient on channel switching
    • Fixed bug where /who showed inconsistent colors of names, and is now instant for status rather than delayed
    • Momentus now has his equipment equipped!
    • /trash is now an alias to /dispose
    • /diff is a little more clear on your current difficulty now.
    • PvP now requires your own head drop settings to be turned on in order to receive other players head to keep it fair.
    • Staff actions now result in rules/appeal links showing to the user on join/kick
    • Prevent players from sending Mail to Banned Players
    • Fix build error message
      The /res command has received a major overhaul, being ported to our new command system.

      Many subcommands now support tab completion and more will be expanded on this over time. For example /res pset aik<tab> now will complete my name for you, then /res pset aikar con<tab> will complete to container.

      There are known bugs with this, working to fix them.
    Changes listed later on this thread:

    • color on res messages, Please set your message again if you set it while bugged
    • /res info blowing up when setting bad perms
    • ability to set bad perms
    • message about soulbound when item drop flag is off even when item is not soulbound
    • access/restrict signs... not sure what happened really before but improved code and is behaving the intended way in testing now
    • res's showing as claimable even after claiming for a short while
    • Improved Mob Spawning System
      Now remembers how recent a specific player has had a custom mob of each type spawn near them per world, and will not spawn near them if they've had recent spawns. This prevents 1 player from hogging all the spawns.

      Respawn rate is 30 minutes per enraged and 1 REAL LIFE day per miniboss. Switching worlds / SMP will give you a different timer.

      I will had a command in the future that shows what custom mobs are NOT spawnable for you soon.
    • /v res #resnumber - should now work again
    • clicking name in chat to start conversations
    • PVP Head Drops now alert the victim when someone kills them and they don't receive the head due to PvP head drop setting being turned off. Victims can now give the head to the killer IF they want to.
    • PVP Head drops no longer drop at 100% rate
    • Head Drops (Survival & PVP) are now 15% (Was 5%) rate.
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  2. Awesome!
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  3. Stuff Socks broke:
    • Res locs can no longer be used with /home LocName
    • When visiting a res on another server, it will display "Invalid residence" instead of pointing to the correct server
    • When using /home on the incorrect server, it will no longer tell you what server your home is on
    • /spawn does not work
    • Res tags are completely broken
    • Shop signs cannot be created unless a player puts their name on the sign
    • Shop signs cannot be broken by breaking the sign
    • /tutorial does not work
    • /shop does not work
    • Res locs in the form of /v PlayerName [#] Location does not work, /v Playername-[#] Location must be used
    • Res messages don't work with colors
    • Leave messages set enter messages instead
    • More coming soon. Bugs posted on this thread will be added here
  4. Thanks aikar:D
  5. Res Locs are broken
  6. Buttery
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  7. Love the /trash. dispose was a great new feature. Now it's even better!
  8. awesome! fifth! Looking forward to this new update that has taken place! Cool fixtures!
  9. nooooooo!!!! I don't have supporter right now and can't get to some of my places. Any chance I can get my old locations back?
  10. Res locs are fine. Just use /v Residence Location instead of /home Location. :)
  11. Will namechanging affect player heads?
    Just curious... what was unfair about this in the first place? I can't see anything... 'Cause this wrecks Staff PvP events for me... :confused:
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  12. Player heads already reflect name changes.
  13. it takes to long...:D and now I have to remember my res number:confused:
  14. Thanks!
  15. Momentus has a Hat.
    Does Momentus now Drop a Hat?
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  17. Only one way to find out!