The LLOlympics

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  1. LLOlympics

    Spleef: Face off in a Spleef Tournament against 31 other competitors to compete for... 5,000 rupees.
    Swimming: Swim through obstacles to flip the lever on the other side and stand on the platform. Your wearing a pumpkin though.
    Archery: Shoot the minecarts as they race down the track. you have to be quick though.
    Golf: Slide your snowball into the hole. It won't be easy though.
    Penfoldex's Mineshaft Race: Get to the finish and fight off mobs in the fastest time you can.
    Mrlegitislegit's Parkour: Do some hardcore parkour to the finish.


    Opening Ceremonies
    Stadium: We will meet in the stadium for the opening ceremony. We need someone to light the torch. Here are the people nominated:
    Penfoldex: ___ Vote(s)
    A Moderator: ___ Vote(s)
    Hash98: 1 Vote(s)
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  2. Great Idea. Is this only for LLO? Or the entire EMC community?
  3. I could do swimming and archery.
  4. Its for the entire community. But it will be hosted in the LLO. If anyone wants to compete in an event fell free to post in the forums. Also, you can only compete in one event so choose wisely what you want to compos te in..
  5. Your signed up for Spleef but I can sign you up for another one if no one else wants to do it.
  6. Only one event? :(
  7. Depends on how many people want to sign up.
  8. Oh ok. When do you think the games will begin? Please not August. I'm gone/busy the entire month.
  9. It will take a while to get everything straightened out. It will probably right before August.
  10. Next week?! :O
  11. Can I please host the race? I have a olympic standard ( ;) ) race/parkour at my res smp1, 1308. I'd be happy to host freee races there, and maybe the winner wins something for coming first? Come. Check it out if I'm online or if your interested please!
  12. Ok sounds good :)
  13. I wanted all the events to be hosted in the LLO... I don't know, it might be confusing to move to a different server for an event... I don't know...
  14. If the LLO does the Olympics- I think it should all be there.
  15. Well like the Olympics, I think we should host it somewhere else every time. This year can be at the LLO. Next year, another server. Etc. This way people who want to host can host.
  16. Can I do Spleef, Swimming, and Archery?
  17. Sure, depends on how many people join an event. I might make the rosters bigger if i can get someone to keep track of them. Also, speaking of people helping, I need some Olympic staff who are ok not competing. Everyone who helped majorly or built something will go on a board somewhere in LLO.
  18. Noooo! Please, do it in September 1st! :(
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  19. I don't know for sure. i would like to have more than 5 events. So let's make it offical: September 1st is the day of the LLOlympics First Day.