EMC Olympics Idea?

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  1. Sorry, I know this is a long read, but I ligitemently think you will love this idea.

    Well, the 2012 London Olympics are almost here, so I think it would be great for EMC to have a community Olympics. The event would be held on one server and open to public tryouts. Moderators would run the events. You could spectate for around 10 rupees and you could even rent a vendors market near the arenas to sell snacks.
    How it would work:
    First the mods would build arenas(with or without players help).Then the tryouts.Each event will get a a total limit of 50 players. Then, as a perk, supporters get to choose the order in which they go in(1-50) and the regular player would just file in as they sign up. Once the arenas are built the competing begins.
    Here are some possible events and what the objective would be.
    *Archery-Hit a skeleton from 150 blocks, then 200, then 250. The one with the best accuracy wins.
    *Spleef-Tourniment. First start with 4 players and take the winners of all the matches of four and put them together until there are only 16 players left. Continue rutine until 8 players left. Then do original tourniment championship.
    *Block Runs- Two Types: 500 Block and 1000 Block. Just a simple race to the finish.No potions of swiftness.
    *Swimming-Swim 50 blocks. First one there and back wins.
    *Parkour-Beat the parkour. The person to beat it in the fastest time wins. Only 20 players in this event.
    *Golf-The best score wins. Only 12 players in this event.
    *Obsticle Course- First one through wins. Only 5 players per race. Four races total.
    That is all the possible player freindly events I can think of at the moment. Maybe mob arena survival but I don't know.
    Again, you can spectate for around 10 rupees. You can also rent a vendor's market and sell snacks.
    First place would get a Gold Block, Second a Iron Block, Third a Glowstone Block. And of course somewhere around 1000 Rupees prize for third, 2000 for second, and 3000 for first. The prizes may very depending on the moderator's thoughts. Anybody can enter, but only one will win first place in each event.
    If you have any event suggestions just post it here, after all, this is a idea thread.
    Again, I am not hosting the Olympics, this is just an idea being thrown out there that EMC members might enjoy.
    Thanks for reading,
    Spread the Word! EndGreifing 2012!
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  2. Any thoughts mods?
  3. I love this idea- I don't know when all the Olympics run, but the timing of this will have to be ideally placed around the 1.3 update. I think later would be better than sooner. Umm I really like almost all of these individual events. I don't know how hard this would be, but it would be cool if this could be set up in the areas (in town) the giant 120x120 blank Plots. This would take a significant amount of planning if it sis Moderator ran. If players help build- I would always be willing to help. Since there are so many events, it might be easier- in the essence of planning, if they are spread across the servers, but happen at different times

    On the "Block Runs" I don't think it would be to hard to Redstone Engineer a starting gate- and Have an indicator with Pressure Pads as to who Crosses first-

    Edit: I am going to send a link to the staff about this- See what they think about it- The only factor here is time, which unfortunately is an issue because the Olympics start in 2 days and end in just 16 days after that. It could be doable though.
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  4. Yes, redstone engineering we would need. I am also always willing to help when I can. And great idea chickeneer about hosting the events on different server seperatly. It would give every server full slots!
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  5. Also any big conversations about the possible EMC Olympics HQ Conversation please invite me!
  6. I will post back here when I find out more on what the Staff side is looking at (I talked to shaunwhite earlier about something similar, Justin would have to manually code residence perms, and what not for this to work)

    http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-llolympics.12360/ This thread has the LLOlympic which I think would be a good alternative to the staff hosting one... Let us wait and see here for a short bit :D

    EDIT: I have a conversation I have been going back and forth with shaunwhite1982, if this goes anywhere I will start a new conversation, as to keep the previous messages between us- lol
  7. The archery challenge concerns me as far as shooting at 250 blocks out. When I'm on my laptop my render distance is so poor that I can not see 60 blocks out.

    This will require a lot from the Mods. Like Chickeneer said this needs a lot of planing and time.

    I love this idea. I would like to make sure that there is only one Olympics in the Empire though.

    To add an event... I have thought of a river race using boats. We could use and modifie an existing river in the wild.

    It will take tons of work from the community but I belive we can do it. I'm in:)
  8. I agree there really should only be one. If this one could happen, it would be Amazingly great- otherwise I would throw all of my support on the other one which is why I posted the link to it.
  9. I can be on the redstone team... I know some basic and intermediate redstone.
  10. oh oh oh! tnt olympics! ( i know i just spelled that wrong so sorry im rubbish at spelling) sethblings tnt olympics! (sorry again!)
    i can help wire too! i can do a lot with redstone!
  11. I'd pull a Nadia Comaneci.
  12. Awsome idea,Im in :)
  13. Yah, with the archery I was thinking about setting up loads of reapeters and making a timed archery test, meaning when a block pushes out, shot it. And there is a pattern with redstone or something.
  14. You guys won't have any chance to win if I participate in Archery :)
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  15. I wouldn't want to do it without the members of the LLO. :)
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  16. idea: take a lot and make a few giant circles on it and time races.
    thats it. im so creative.
  17. lol.
  18. What about pig races?
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  19. I will be the mascot!
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