The funny picture thread!

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  1. They don't make cats like they used to.
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  2. I need to find a few of my good ones....
  3. I know its a double post but it was almost a month ago.
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  4. Usually Wikipedia annoys you because of it's commonly cited "unreliability" as a source. Other times, you hoped to god somebody's pulling your leg.
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  5. oh my
  6. Well, then... it's useful information, I suppose... :rolleyes:
  7. Well-placed advertisement, definitely going to take a look at this product! [sarcasm]

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  8. Dark - Orange? Ew.
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  9. More hash alts new players confirmed! :D
  10. I just realized EMC had a meme thread before facebook made it popular.
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  11. This one brings me full circle for my day back to HillbillyBeastly and his chickens (now out) in his living room!
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  12. At this point all of mine are freeloading slackers! None of them have laid a single egg and I've spent most of my weekends and quite a bit of my paycheck to build them a luxury apartment! They need to start earning that money back by allowing me to reduce my dependency on store bought eggs! :D
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