The funny picture thread!

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  1. Awhile back, we had a funny Minecraft picture thread, but that died off after a kind of sad picture was posted... This thread is simply for funny pictures you have found on the interwebs! Please, nothing offence.

  2. Here are some funny sport ones:
    218938,xcitefun-funny-sports-14.jpg funny-sports-pictures-this-is.jpg

  3. Boo those last two shrank
  4. I see the small text at the bottom :3
  5. lol yeah. Got most of these from my facebook album. WHich I got other places.
  6. A site that starts with 9 and ends with gag?
  7. Some yes, others elsewhere.
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  8. Legit's post with Christian Bale's American Psycho clip made me think of this comic I found with an American Psycho reference:

    Had to host through PB But here's link to the original: Bella Notte, Bella Knotheads
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  9. So funny :)