The Empire of the Future - My vision! (Updated: 7/13/18)

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  1. So.....Aikar Wanna be in my Tomb Team?

    P.S. What you are doing is fan-freakin-tastic.
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  2. Any coincidence this thread was posted at 11:11 AM?
  3. Because Yolo?
  4. Oh god it burns just to read it...
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  5. Possible chat between friends? Like a party chat regular chat where you get pinged (like a PM) every time someone sends a message but it sends it to you and the rest of the group. Not exactly a Guild one because that can become huge with too many people talking at once especially across servers, but the ability create a smaller, more focused chat system
  6. For like one timezone lol
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  7. I am really liking what I see in this list Aikar! As if EMC wasn't awesome enough. :D

    I am a little concerned about your mention of mob grinders though. I think they are pretty vital to our server and I would be sad to see them go. :(
  8. It's not that I'm going to straight up break everyone, but more so the goal of making people have something better to do instead.

    Though, we will no longer be compromising on things thats better for the majority just to keep grinders working though. Grinders are essentially "if it works and its what you want to do, fine, but they are not "supported" and can break if they cause problems to others."
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  9. Good points here and your blog is spot on, there should be a list of switches in the options so you can turn off new features that have no baring on the server edition and once switched the code to have no effect or cause conflict with other items on there.
  10. Oh, I see. Like the quests and minigames and etc. I like the sound of it. o_o I'm very excited for dragon tombs. I'm going to do everything in my power to get a dragon egg, because I firmly believe that they might be tameable in some future update and that would just be the best thing ever. o_o

  11. ======Peanut Butter======
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  12. Well, that's the current Mojang view on mob farms, so no problems there.
    As long as there is no active campaign against mob farms, (as there was for a bit in 1.8.) I'll adapt to the situation as needed.
  13. I was pleased with everything until I read the town segment. In my opinion, creating new versions of Town will split each server up drastically. When it's first released a vast majority will want to start building in the new town. Players that own plots in the regular town will end up moving to the new town because a majority of the players have moved as well.
    For example, players that play on Smp2 don't often talk and/or play with players on Smp4. People tend to interact with players nearest to them. Each world within the one server will act as if each world was a separate server. (May not be the best way to explain it, but I can't think of another example) You'll have players playing on the same server and never even talking to each other. Just a bad idea overall in my eyes. Possibly just adding on to the current town would be a fix?
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  14. Great to hear that Aikar - will save tons of frustration and makes it very fair for everyone involved.
  15. I'm guessing town chat and teleporting etc. would work on all of those worlds, so it wouldn't be too much different.
  16. It wasn't stated.
  17. I completely agree.
  18. Well it is hard to catter to every player on the server, there may be development of farming challenges but some of these updates are mostly making the server a little bit more of an mmorpg. Not alot though, aikar may make something else that can catter to the weaker fighters in style and combat.
  19. Incredible, Great Ideas
  20. Eh didn't think people would jump to the conclusion you did haha, so didn't see need to state.

    But no, new town would be transparent to old town minus the PHYSICAL ability to walk to each other w/o use of portals.

    Town chat, /v and everything of town would be seemless. The fact its seperate worlds would be an invisible implementation detail, and wouldn't have any bearing on actual gameplay.

    Just same way you can chat with people in /shop, itll be like that. Different world, but still technically town.
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