The Empire of the Future - My vision! (Updated: 7/13/18)

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. I'm liking these ideas.
  2. I absolutely love these ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing them implemented. :D
  3. 1.4:p That was when withers came right? That feels like two weeks ago;)
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  4. Sweet love the Ideas
  5. Eh I can still rock the simple melee, Ninja is just what I use when I really wanna kill everyone. Which I guess is all the time lol
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  6. Great ideas, Aikar! Maybe once a few of these are achieved, I'll have an incentive to play Minecraft again instead of just crashing into cars head-on in Euro Truck Simulator 2 :p

    Since EMC runs on BungeeCord, why not link the OBAMGaming server with us? :)
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  7. hmm... aikar, about the new, larger residences... will we import our old residences into them or just start over?
  8. hmmm well finally a fun adventure section i was wanting. i have been taking breaks from emc because of my thirst for adventure and playing modpacks instead. Changes like this i will love
  9. Good/bad?
  10. Will this happen in the next 365 days?
  11. there ya go :p
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  12. :oops:... Wow... So Aikar, apparently, worrying about long term development of Minecraft is a disease.. I decided to post on the MC Forums using your blog as a basis and some of the replies that I am getting are depressing..

    Like this one: (The line that I redacted is reference to other people on the MC Forums)
  13. If you don't like the upcoming updates to minecraft then why would you update your server? lol
  14. Nobody would like that, and looks like you crossed your sentence out just in time too. Lucky
  15. Any new players who join usually play on the latest version of minecraft :)
  16. I have to say, This covers everything I think needs improvement on and I absolutely agree.
    My only wish is that we do it fast soon, and keep expanding.
    (Also for the uptown thing, why not make the current one downtown and all on the same world.)
  17. Wooot i can get tnt perm instead of something like extra rupees or res naming in the future that is great
  18. One things to say.
    As far as challenge tokens, can we not have it based entirely on mob fighting?
    Some of us are incapable of actively fighting mobs (says the guy on a laptop) and would really rather gain achievements through other methods. And, personally, I think the building a mob farm is clever enough to constitute at least some right to afk, if not a reward similar to mob fighting. (I sense flame approaching. Probably ought to finish quickly) In any case, rewarding more play styles than just the sword-basher would no doubt be helpful, both to me and others.