The Empire of the Future - My vision! (Updated: 7/13/18)

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  1. If a player puts in the effort to mine resources, they should be able to sell it.

    Trying to artificially add distance into the equation as a mechanism that they hopefully die and lose the goods so they cant sell them is an extremely bad idea and hurts long term usefulness of the server.

    No-one wants to play on a server where the have to walk 3k over a warzone just to find fresh resources.

    Sure values are higher when it was like that in the past, but it was a horrible user experience.

    Frontier Empire Outpost teleporting will not change anything compared to whats already possible with the wastelands.
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  3. Umm what? Lol sorry i don't quite understand what you mean.

    Edit: nevermind :p i saw your post which makes sense now ^_^
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  4. read my 2nd response :p
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  5. Well i like these ideas :) i am not going anywhere! #FightMojangSaveMinecraft
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  6. Fix'd ;)
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  7. IS THAT GOOD OR BAD?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!??!!?!?!?!?! TELL US, GREAT ECONOMY MASTER!
  8. I picked up on:
    • Empire Land Claiming: Ability for an Empire to claim land in the wild
      • Use a combination of Challenge Tokens and Rupees to claim the land (So you won't EXACTLY use a Dragon Egg)
      • Ability to teleport to/from town to your Empire's land
      • Ability to expand the size of claimed land
    This makes it sound like land claiming is going to be a long, long way away now.

    It'd be good to get some real direction on what's happening with this as people are out building Outposts based on the belief that you'd be able to claim land with Dragon Eggs, but now that seems to have changed. Unless of course, you kill the Dragon, get a Challenge Token then cash that in for the Egg to claim land. In which case, it seems like we're just over-complicating the land claiming process when there are some superb plugins out there that already do a fantastic job of it, nevermind where's the logic behind trading a token for a Dragons egg.

    I've been waiting for this feature for longer than I can recall after it was hinted at aeons ago. It's the one thing EMC is missing and the one thing I feel should be priority after DT is completed. Once you have that, you basically have the best of both worlds for players that want a safe Town environment and those that want to live out in the Wild.

    Personally, I feel the post will just kick off hype, rumour, frustration and all the things that happened when Dragon Tombs were announced oh so long ago and nothing happened.

    The timespan for this, based on how long DT has taken will clearly be in the years, not months. I wonder about the value of releasing this information now.
  9. I sense a great deal of positivity. Will need to get out my old crystal ball for a clearer picture, though.
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  10. I just want to say, on this particular part...
  11. Empire and land claiming are some the next big things to tackle after dt.

    Also note that speed of release is not the goal, quality and experience is.

    Using other plug-ins to get quick results will tear down the solid foundation emc is built on and will make us "just another minecraft server".

    I am aiming for the integrated approach where everything works together and one task has purpose for another.

    Land claiming should very much this year bar unexpected circumstances
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  12. Oh my gosh, yes. Just yes.
    I have never heard anything more true. Nobody really does too much single player anymore but mojang wants people to play on that versus multiplayer servers. They crank out a pointless update every few months which makes it harder for servers. Mojang is just hurting itself.
    I personally thought you were doing the exact opposite up until my rant. With taking away site registration and the /skip option seems like it was all about player count. I am so happy to hear this :).

    Cannot wait for the greatness to come.
  13. I have a question about land claiming.. What will happen to the established outposts that are already recognized by staff? Will the outpost leaders have a chance to claim a portion of their land prior to protect it from errant land-claimers trying to rip through the outposts and hold them ransom?
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  14. I think minecraft has become a money maker to mojang, an over all nice, quality game... I started playing right before 1.4, and it was very nice, not too simple, but not to complicated.... Then comes 1.6 and 1.7... MOJANG INDEED IS DESTROYING MC!!!!! It has got wayyyyy to complicated. :(
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  15. They will have rights to officially claim it. If someone maliciously claims it on you, staff will get involved to fix it.
  16. establishing outposts was a precursor for this reason, any time there is a dispute over whos territory it is all we have to do is find the appropriate thread. in truth outposts dont really need to be claimed when the system is released since the area is already yours, but it will make it easier to not only get to but have more direct control over peoples influence in the area
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  17. Oh YUS. Like!!!! :D
  18. I think these are the best server ideas and it would attract a lot of people.
    I think this will blow all other servers out of the water!
    Even though it will take quite a bit of time i think people will enjoy these new ideas Aikar.
    :cool: ~DTC
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  19. Also note thris list is not in "order of development", but intended to be a view of where we want everything to be.

    Not all of the features listed under Empires will be done before moving onto next. We will tackle basic premises of Empires, then work on Land Claiming, then constantly improve Empires from there.
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