The Empire of the Future - My vision! (Updated: 7/13/18)

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  1. I think I'm finally scared now
    And you think I'm weak, I think you're wrong

    I think you're already leaving
    Feels like your hand is on the door
    I thought this place was an empire
    And now I'm relaxed and I can't be sure

    But I think you're so mean, I think we should try
    I think I could need this in my life
    And I think I'm scared, I think too much
  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea :p
  3. nope

    EDIT: nope none of this
  4. About the new town... Would older members get to claim an 80x80 as well as their current lot, or would we have to reset residences to get a new lot? It would be kind of a reward for staying with the empire. (I just passed 600 days. :D)
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  5. I haven't read the other comments as of yet, I just need to say this first... This update looks amazing!!!
    Sounds like it adds the "Empire" to Empire Minecraft
  6. Would it be possible for the second town to be just located in an extended area north of town? That way they would literally be towns and physical travel still would be possible without, and it would cut back on the server needing to process world changing information.
  7. World changing is harmless. Having seperate worlds will GREATLY improve lag concerns once Mojang finishes something they are working on (Multithreading MC a bit)
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  8. I'm really loving these ideas :D

    For some feedback:
    This is excellent but only as long as the team aspect is encouraged, and only (slightly) more rewarding, which is probably what you already had planned. I prefer working alone in most cases, and I don't want to see "Here''s an awesome feature, you need 6 people to take part!" Dragon Tombs is a fine exception to this, as you will need to be in a group.

    Similarly, I would personally like to be able to claim an Empireres in the wild without being in an Empire, is this already the case?

    When Empire Credits was announced and discussed, there was talk of them being used to be able to claim additional residences without being a supporter. I'm still really keen on this idea, and if not with Empire Credits then maybe Challenge Tokens. :)

    With regards to the new town: I think it would be neat to add landscaping, tall mountains to the existing and new town borders, right now it looks really plain and it bothers me :p

    In my opinion the 2 most important things after DT's to work on would be /server PVP and our mini games server. One thing about MC MP is that it's less about the game built by Mojang (maybe because of the reasons you've mentioned in your blog post) and more about Mini Games, so with these done ASAP more people looking to join a server can get the best of both (main) worlds. :)

    Really great ideas. :D
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  9. Well, you can expect more super challenging events like DT that also require teams, purely from a challenge perspective.

    Not like you couldn't create your own Empire with your alts... =P I don't know about single member Empires. Just doesn't seem to fit the overall goal. But I have some ideas and land claiming could be done single... well see when we get there. But the best overall idea would be to just work with people you consider good friends and keep something private/small scale if that's all you want.

    Yes, With the change everything about supporting today will be an equiv in credits. If a player REALLY did a lot to help the Empire (Voted a ton, referred a ton, contributed a lot) They could earn a free Residence.

    That's another benefit to the new town idea, is we could do things like themed areas.

    I'm not sure where I want PVP To lie at yet. I don't want to say here's a very fixed schedule. It's really a "See where we are and what makes the most sense".

    Credits will be a closer than farther task as I have so many ideas (those will be a surprise!) to furthur improve the fun level of EMC using credits!
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  10. I like the cross server chat idea, i can't wait for that!

    And also i think that PVP on EMC would be painful, loosing stuff so another person just gets it for free, This is one of the main reasons i play on EMC, i can never find a server that doesn't have PVP. Unless you log on to the server and do /kit or something like that old server you used to have, Otherwise, i really like your ideas

  11. Yes, please allow an option for single player empires. Sometimes I enjoy working in groups, sometimes I go solo. Allowing for both play styles is, as always, preferable.
    Also, voting bonus? Oh yes, that will certainly be jumped on by not just me, but many others too, I'm sure.
    As far as PVP, I'm thinking against it. I feel it'll attract the wrong sort of people. Similarly with exclusive mini-games, attracting more of the kind of people who search for a one-shot dopamine burst, instant gratification, rather than those who would be more willing to invest time and understand the value of labor. But then again, what do I know?
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  12. The problem with, I don't want to say compulsory, but encouraged group making for "Empires" is that everyone has a difference in opinion about how they want things done which is why a lot of groups now tend to fail, cause everyone likes their own certain style of MC playing and no everyone is on board with that. I guess that's where the teleporting to wild Empires comes in handy, so it doesn't seem so permanent and will be easily accessible.
  13. I don't think the wasteland land claiming thing is fair for everybody because some people are more wealthy than others. What if some people get to the land and amount of tokens before others do and they fuss and get mad about it. That would probably make them quit the empire because if they can expand it there should at least be a limit on how much land they can have, otherwise it is not fair to others.

  14. I'd really like to see a tournament style pvp somewhere. Like a 2v2 or 3v3 arena.
  15. I wouldn't mind that if there were kits and you wouldn't loose items. It is a goodish idea.

  16. oooooo That gives me the idea, Spleef! I would die for spleef on EMC, a spleef server with a 1v1 or 2v2 arena! a spleef server would make me stay on EMC and not go on another server that has spleef, I really enjoy spleef.

  17. I don't see what you're trying to say.
    A) land can't be claimed in the wastelands
    B) distance to the land is likely irrelevant, it will probably be possible to teleport between your land and town.
    C) the rich still need a way to get their hands on the "tokens" which appear to be gotten in a way other than rupees, that is, the dragon tombs or supporting/voting. So more or less equal opportunity there.
  18. The PVP I am talking about would have absolutely no ties to your SMP items. It would be a "switch to a new server, join a match, match resets every 30min - 2hrs" and those matches will supply the items you need to play.

    We will figure something out for the solo players.

    As said in the first reply, our PVP will not be like the others. It will be more so for satisfying the more SMP based players "occasional bloodthirst".

    Those that arent here for long term will just leave, or better yet: change their style of play when they realize how unique of a place they have found :)
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  19. Everyone will have equal opportunity to claim land, and there is tons of land to claim. There will not be any issues with finding land of your own to claim...

    Specially when we add new outposts at 1million out.

    We are not going to rate limit power players just to curb them to the lower end players. It's not a competition on who has the biggest Empire (though that will be a goal for players of course).

    If having a big empire is your goal, then put in the effort to earn the big empire to have something to show for you and your friends effort :)
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  20. Question: What about us people who arent very social, dont have many friends who would do these events that require groups, will we be excluded because we wont have the people neccesary to enter? What if I want to do it alone? Could you make it so its possible for these arenas to be done solo somehow?
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