The Empire of the Future - My vision! (Updated: 7/13/18)

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  1. I understand that, but in terms of land claiming there are incredibly functional, high quality plugins which provide a superb player experience and using them would in no way lessen EMC as a server.

    Also, I can't help but feel that in revealing all this information now, you've managed to take away the future surprise these would have held as individual releases and updates.

    A year down the line it'll be: "Oh, that thing? Is it here yet?" like we've seen with DT, rather than: "Oh wow! This is new and great!"

    Maybe I'm just cynical.
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  2. That was main reason I didn't want to post it, but at the same time I think it could be unhealthy to constantly say "Things will get better, just trust me".

    Also, It's hard to have community input and ideas if everything is a surprise. This post doesnt detail every single thing, so there will still be some surprises, there will be smaller updates too.

    I think its better for the community in general to at least know the bigger picture, so they can properly provide feedback and ideas to help make the idea even better before its released!

    It's something that EMC has done a lot in the past, involve the community a lot with the development. theres a mixture of wanting to build what I see, but also wanting to build something the community wants.

    I feel releasing the overall roadmap can help us get both, and deliver the best EMC we can, where the bigger pictures have main design from us but improved and polished by the community.
  3. And honestly, I have yet to see any plugin that would be perfect for our needs. If there was a plugin that fit for what I am planning, then I would question if were not cloning the server that created it... :p

    What I would consider quality is going to be much higher than what most other people would consider. The code in many of these plugins are just bad and would not fit our server with our style. These plugins are designed for single server in mind, with it being generic enough to fit everyones needs.

    We need something thats specific to our servers needs, one that is designed for our 10 server integrated setup.

    Also, barely any of the plugin devleopers come close to my knowledge of the performance internals of minecraft (Not to be egotistical, it's just a truth. Understanding the internals of CraftBukkit performance wise is something only a select few people know, and the CraftBukkit eco system discourages plugin authors from ever getting into the kind of stuff I do, therefor it limits the number of experienced professionals when it comes to CB/MC internals).

    So most plugins are designed to work, but they don't look at factors like "How often is this event going to trigger with 60 people online vs 10? How heavy is this specific action?"

    They look for quick results and instant satisfaction so that they can get the update out to everyone quick. That's mojangs style too, which I disagree with.
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  4. i disagree, the community here is unique int hat most of us want to see it grow and be beneficial to all of us. he is posing these future updates so people can comment and debate the merits of each one over the course of them. the same way he worked on an afk policy and pushed it back due to user input. the suprise factor will still be there when its implemented trust me this list in no way covers all the mi-neut(sp) details aikar is working on as well
  5. And finally... I am spending a lot more time on eMC now. I've pretty much lowered my sleep and now live on 5 hour energies, and Max is playing WoW too (which is why she isn't on as often) so that keeps her occupied which lets me focus more =P

    We are also getting more development help, so things will be much quicker from here on.

    Looking to have a 2nd development help here soon, so being able to push smaller tasks onto the help greatly relieves me to stay focused on the main priorities.

    Having to take care of all the small bugs/improvements too is what held up main task progress.
  6. Love it! But if, say, you wanted to move to an 80x80 plot, would you have the option to world edit to a new plot? Maybe as a Senior Staff Service? Because this would be great if that ends up happening, as a lot of old players would want the bigger plots. :) Everything else sounds great, though. Especially Empires. I can't wait to be Emperor Hashhog. :p
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  7. Sr Staff already provide a full Residence move service (within the same server).
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  8. Oh, lol. Forgot about that. :p In that case, let the games- er, coding- begin!
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  9. This gets me thinking, you should be able to pay real money for services.
  10. You can buy rupees for "real money" and then use the rupees for the services :p
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  11. #giveaikararoundofapplause
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  12. Cannot wait for dystopia :3
    Is this list on order of priorities? Or will community have a vote or something?
  13. PvP... On the Empire? I know it may not be implemented for a while, but knowing that it has been considered and acknowledged is a miracle for me :D
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  14. MrNinjian...
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  15. Very good ideas indeed. My only concern is the need for large groups of (unknown) people to complete something like a dragon tomb. Not a fan of finding X number of random players to join me on an adventure. I have a small group of friends on here I play with, and none of us like the "need X players" (meaning adding unknown folks) to complete something like a dragon tomb.

    My question is upon the boss mobs death will the reward/loot/credits automatically be added to each players account/inventory or will there be chests with random loot in them?

    If the answer is yes the items are put directly into each player's inventory/account then I'm good with the need X number to enter.

    If the answer is no I fear history will repeat it's self and there will be fights and arguments over loot. I experienced 15 years of that playing various MMOs watching adults acting like two year olds over pixels in a game.
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  16. That is a main goal of the token system. Reward users with tokens, then use the tokens to get other loot.

    Everyone gets the same amount of tokens.

    As for the need X players being a problem because not wanting to invite someone random - That is the whole point of requiring a minimum players, to break people from the habit of only playing with thier close friends, and get them to give someone else a shot at becoming their friend :)

    It wont hurt anything to invite a random, then you could make a new friend!
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  17. Look good in that picture at the bottom :p
  18. I like this idea a ton, but will this come with /help Currency or something along those lines? Also a conversion sign can be used IMAGE HERE

    I love the idea of quests. I do not see any problem with these.
    Can we get official EMC quests too? Things like "Find Maxarias's shoes" and such?

    Dungeons are a good feature. I would like the following dungeons
    Momentus' House (Arena is pretty much a crappy house), Marlix Cage (Bird Cage, option Parkour to get advantages), and Mother Spider Arena (Webs everywhere and such).

    I really want this. And also a possible PVP map containing snowball fun. Right click a snow block to get a snowball and throw it, will be a fun feature I guess. Just a unique PVP battle experience.

    Dystopia: Upon death, you get banned from the Dystopia server for 6 hours, 6 minutes, and 6 seconds.

    I really like this idea too. Be interesting to see how this works out. I would like if Vets get the 80x80 (At least a year on EMC to be fair to people)

  19. Yes there will be some improvements in currency display.

    As for using tokens, we will be looking into some form of Chest UI. Would be nice to do for Empire Shop in general too.
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