The EMC Remembrance Thread

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  1. Introduction
    Welcome to the EMC Remembrance Thread. A while ago, one of our old members, brickstrike, created a similar thread. However, this died out after a while. I personally thought that this thread was a great idea so now, months later, I've decided to create one of these.
    How This Works
    This thread is in honor of all of the members who are no longer playing on the Empire or are not playing nearly as much. This thread is a place for you to share happy stories about your good times with players and to just revive the memories of your old friends. The community is the rock that keeps EMC as wonderful as it is, and it could never have been possible without all of the members who have come before us. In this thread, we should raise up the names of the long-gone players and remember those we've lost with a smile, if not a bit of sadness.
    A Note About Drama
    This thread is NOT the place to complain about ban reasons, insult old members, or to start general drama. Members are being remembered here for their good qualities and times, not for their occasional mistakes. Remember, purposely causing drama on EMC is not allowed, and anyone caught doing so will be subject to the consequences as dictated by the staff. I don't want to see this thread locked because of drama, so let's try to keep it civil.
    My Own Memories
    This are just some memories of old players that I've experienced. Please feel free to share your own, even if it's as simple as saying the name of an old player you enjoyed hanging out with.
    These two members always were ready to contribute to forum discussion. Though Cordial is not nearly as active anymore and brickstrike has disappeared, I will never forget their entertaining arguments about muffins and pie.
    Melons, everything about nick screamed melons. I remember visiting his colossal melon farm and buying loads for my farms back at my res. I'm sure you'll all also remember the time nick spent months planning and acting to troll us all, going so far as to make a video showing us that we could earn "melon heads" and other block heads by mining blocks with certain tools. I still am impressed by the cleverness of this prank.
    I spent many an hour laughing with these guys (as well as sonicol and PandasEatRamen, both of whom seem to still be a bit active) at the Rainbow Butte outpost. Whether riding the ice cream slip n' slide or leaping from the rainbow bridge, I could always be cheered up by their gifs, jokes, and general fun atmosphere. Plus, Curundu had this adorable tapir avatar. :p
    I remember going to the Utopian Slime Town outpost with these two. In the end, we buried three of my cats, killed an Enraged Creeper with a fishing pole, hunted marshmallow ghasts to extinction, and just had a great time in general.
    Boy, did he love potatoes. But even more than that, I remember Choongjae for the time when he heard that I had lost an item due to lag and he gave me a Vault Voucher as an attempt to make up for it. I hadn't spoken to him much and was not at all asking for items, but he simply did it for the sake of kindness. This act represents many virtues that I look for and find so much in the Empire.
    Leaders of the SMP4 project, these three were strong members of the community who shall always be missed. I remember many a mining trip trying to get quartz for the project. Predictably enough, I died a lot. :p The spectacular walls that signify the start of the project still stand in SMP4. I can't say enough how much these three were a benefit to our community.
    For a long, long time, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx was one of my only good friends on EMC. I first met him when he held a grief party at his res, and it's just been one long bacon-fest since then. Whether sharing an island in Firefloor (he won because I went to bathroom and my block fell :p) or fighting alongside each other in the mob arena, Pig and I enjoyed many good times together, though I don't think I ever was able to win one of our mail wars. :p I will never forget this player and all the good he has done for me.
    What can I say? He's sassy. I think the Sassy SMOOCH EMC Meme will live on for quite a while in our community. :)
    Ah, the Great Cow himself. I will always remember his wild parties and events which resulted in so much death and destruction. I'm 99% sure that "Explosion" is Cow's middle name. But behind the head drops, cow head scavenger hunts, and roaming Momentus death parties, there was a good, caring person who always was patient, understanding, and kind. I don't think I could forget him, even if I wanted too. :p After all, how can you forget a cow who shoots eggnog out of his udders during the holidays?
    Again, please feel free to share your own memories of all our friends and comrades who have departed the Empire. And please, keep it clean.
  2. I miss Jake_Bagby.

    Since he got into Sixth Form, he's been less active on Skype and EMC. Now he has a job. He's been on Skype, like, twice in the past 2 weeks.

    Jake, me and nfell and mba miss you </3 You have 7 days to log on. If you don't, me and nfell are visiting the place where you work (keep in mind I live about 20 minutes away from it ;) ) and we're going to publically embarrass you.

    //Jk. Don't hurt us pls.
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  3. Back in my early days, SecretAznEks had the District 18, a neighborhood with tons of cool buildings. He was pretty well known back then, and when he invited me to the project, to build something right by his residence, I was extremely happy. He (and a few other people) helped me build the Arc de Triomphe hotel, which was an awesome experience. I felt really important at the time, because I was in a project with staff and some well known members, it was just amazing. I truly miss Secret, and I still hope he comes back some day.
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  4. There are many people that have come and gone here at the Empire which many others and I included shall never forget, I'll share a few stories :)

    IcecreamCow - ICC was kind of an inspiration, you could say. He is funny, kind, likes to get involved, and when you are in his presence, there is something about him that feels so fun and inviting. ICC was the reason that I am where I am - the Contribution Team (known back when I joined as the Wiki Team). I'll always remember the conversations we have had and that warm invite to the Wiki Team on a cold school day morning.

    Cantalope234 - Nobody really knew Cantalope, he was not as active as many others on EMC but he was one of my greatest friends back when I was "younger", so to speak. Someone that I could talk to and enjoy times with. One day, he kind of just vanished. He came back about once every 25-50 days just to say hi after that but now he hasn't been on in a while and I may never see his presence again, which is sad, but I'll always remember him also.

    lameidl - I had some nice chats with lameidl about a shared interest we had; GTA V. We shared screenshots of our games and we kind of got to know each other through that. Lameidl then fell fairly inactive for some reason, I do not quite remember why, but I think he'll be back and active again someday.

    nick5013 - Nicky, as I called him, was always someone that I could talk to and have a bit of a laugh with. We had forum chats and in-game chats, he was always the sassy type but it was a cool kind of sass. He was serious when he needed to be and funny at all others, and he was a great player to be around. I'll miss Nicky.

    There are many more, and we all have our own stories to tell and memories to share, but we shall all always remember everyone :)
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  5. We talked about some weird stuff on Skype. It was great late at night. I would wake up the next morning and be like 'what the hell was going through my head...?'. Stuff happened and we stopped talking (not going into detail here...). He was kind of a cool guy while it lasted though.

    Also, can a regular member post here please? Its annoying me that everyone in this thread is a contributor xD
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  6. Kells18 and Bunkerllama. Not much to say other than they were great friends and I miss seeing them around. :(

    Lamar Ramal - Introduced SMP8 to the concept of "Hot Hoof" (a firefloor betting game with colored sheep), which I later helped him redesign. And then there's the whole "marrying a cactus" thing...

    Scharb - My neighbor when I originally moved to SMP8. Great guy, and inspired me to start working with redstone.

    iSmooch - I know "sass" is what most people think of, but for me it's just "This guy gets me." Always seems to know instinctively where I'm coming from with my thoughts and ideas, and is right there on the same page most of the time. Still talk to him occasionally on G+ (the only reason I use it), but EMC is lessened for his absence.

    RobbieJ0 & tinkerbell28 - The old "SMP4 Project" made me a lot of friends and got me more involved with the community. For that alone, I ought to be grateful to them.
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  7. k
    Nick5013: He was an idiat. :3
  8. Huh, that sounds like a fairly cool idea for a game. I would've liked to meet him, as he sounded like an interesting person from what I read in the Lamar's Wedding book.
  9. D'awww, you included my name in the banner thingy in the OP <3
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  10. The names in the banner thing are mostly of people who had high post counts on the forums and who I personally knew, though I included some others who seemed to make a big impact on the community. :) Just letting you all know that there were a lot of people I could've included and just because you aren't on there doesn't mean I don't care about you, there were just a lot of old, inactive members and it was tough to recall them all within a few minutes. :)
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  11. Bump. :) Don't be afraid to just post somebody's name, even if you don't feel comfortable sharing some personal stories or memories. :)
  12. 1Namor and 2FEXY:

    These were two of my closest friends on EMC. We would hang out at his res (along with skyman1212, who is still playing) and just have silly times.
    I remember once when 1Namor and I would get tons of zombie viruses and drink them saying we were drunk :) we then randomly spewed out enchanted books :) I would also go to 2FEXY's maze, very nicely done, and beat it numerous times. It was so fun and I wish they would come back.
    One casual day, they were going to check out their base in frontier, only to see it was griefed-again. This was the 3rd time I believe that they had been ransacked by players, and they just couldn't get the commitment to try and build again.
    After the incident, 1Namor had a massive drop party, filled with goodies. That doesn't matter though. I kept trying to convince them to come back, but it wasn't enough.
    There is good news though;1Namor and 2FEXY now run a small survival server where you escape a type of room. It's very fun and I spend a lot of time there so I can still stay in touch with them. I hope everyone who sees this will be grateful for people like 1Namor and 2FEXY. I hope they will come back for good someday.
  13. Shooter00 - I really did not know much about him, but he did get me back up on my feet. Moments away from being banned, he managed to give me around 64,000 rupees and a ton of mineral blocks, promotional items, and other items. I have not and will not ever forget about him.

    nick5013 - He was a good friend back in the day. I forget how I met him but we stuck together for a while. I remember our major 3-way friendship: Me, Samsimx, and nick5013. Time passed and it became Me, RainbowChin and Nick5013. More time passed and it just became me and nick5013. We had a great friendship most of time. Anyways, one great memory I actually have a picture of is this. Rainbowchin was supposed to be included as an Elf but he didn't want to.

    *tears up*
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  14. Deathtomb8953, was a pillar in the SMP9 community, whether it was helping new members with the commands or hosting awesome events in his sky world I will always remember the first time I joined and he passed a silk touch I eff V Unbreak III diamond pick to me. (This was a HUGE deal in early 2013)
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  15. Not to disparage your op list... but half the people there still play quite frequently xD
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  16. Not sure how many remember SillyWhiteMaige (not sure if I spelled that right) but it was always fun to read about how he/she was an AI. That is one of the few people I remember from when I first joined.
    Also I remember when people were asking if jknrlz and I were alternates. (for those wondering, no).
  17. Thank you for this thread. <3
    It's so beautiful, it almost wants you to get inactive :confused:

    That banner looks great, but why is Palmsugar in there? I... I can't believe she's actually going to stay inactive like this, I have faith :(

    There are other people who remember Lasluin, right?
    She was my first good friend on EMC and I still occasionally miss her, and I wonder if there's anyone else who has great memories of time with Lath. Anyone?
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  18. LOL, let's not try getting inactive just to get remembered. :p
    Palmsugar, while not completely inactive, is fairly inactive when compared to her past activity, so I decided to toss her in there. :)
    Lasluin sounds familiar, but I don't think I have any personal memories with him/her... trying to think why I'm remembering the name.
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  19. Palm plays every day ... she is at an outpost with hurferdurfer1 - they stay in the wild alot.
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