District 18

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  1. District 18

    {Current Info: 10 Residences - 3 Completed - 27 Planned Residences - 0.4% of smp2}

    Many of you have probably seen Hasorko's District 67 idea on smp3. I am starting my own version of this, District 18, on smp2. The neighborhood is just north of town spawn, and is right next to the /shop. (I added some residences without approval of the owners, as I like the project and they are already within the boundaries. If you want your res REMOVED from this project, PM me and I'll work on it.)

    What's the point of this, you ask?
    I'm trying to create a place of wonderful buildings and architecture on smp2, for everyone to enjoy. However, my creative bank is limited, so I ask YOU, citizens of the Empire, to help. More residences will become available as me go along, so if there's no room when you apply, I'll put you on the waitlist.

    "This sounds AWESOME! How do I start?"

    Well, to join, you'll need the following.
    - A residence free to claim (Only Gold and Diamond supporters can own more than one res. Upgrade, or if you are regular, you will need to unclaim your res. I can offer temporary storage for players who are moving.
    - An idea, I would like to see this in a PM.
    - Resources to complete the project,

    Other Stuff:
    - No time limit.
    - The project should be well-thought out, it would be great (but not required) if I could see a singleplayer sketch.
    - I want NICE neighbors. If I don't trust you or don't know you that well, I might ask people about you.
    - You can also hire people to work on your res, or have friends do it.

    To apply, start a conversation with me and fill out this application.

    What is (are) the address(es) of your residence(s)?
    What server are you normally on?
    What is your project idea? (please be detailed, I'd prefer not to see "a big house")
    Do you have enough materials/rupees to carry through with this project?
    Do you have a SP sketch of your idea? If so, attach it.

    I reserve the right to refuse ANYBODY for any reason that I see fit.

    Project Members:

    shaunwhite1982: 3078 - NPC Village (w/o villagers.)

    bob23646: 3122 - Bob's Castle

    Ahzrael: 3005 - Nothing atm

    SecretAznEks: 3043 - Big, tall shop and hotel.

    XDjzz: 3045 - Big shop-to-be with good architecture.

    wolfy82: 3044 - Cool nature-themed res with a river and a cabin.

    Inuyasha1204: 3041 - Nether House with 8-Bit Fergie.

    brettskiii: 3003 - The Pub.

    Linkinparkfan00: 3074 - Portal-themed shop.

    alexschrod: 3119 - Statue of some sort.

    audifan: 3014 - Big parkour challenge.

    ItsMeMatheus: 3042 - Arc de Triumph

    Zoebearfun105: 3025 - Unknown

    AzRicer: 3026 - Large island shop.

    Tallrascha: 3077 - Big Pagoda/House thing. It's awesome.

    southpark347: 3118 - The South Towers. No purpose that I know of yet.

    p4aTrIcK: 3076 - Tower Shop and farm.

    ComradeGrumbles: 3080 - A Penny Saved Inc. Headquarters and shop

    Maarte2003: 3120 - Pagoda with surrounding garden.

    Jackman94539: 3075 - Two big towers.

    The map will be right below, in the first reply.
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  2. Can i help build with some other player's res's? Im full, don't have an extra res, but will help build if needed.
  3. Welcome Zoebearfun105 and XDjzz to the District!
  4. Right on Secret great idea!! Looks great so far!
  5. Welcome Inuyasha1204 and ItsMeMatheus to the district!
  6. You can PM someone who's in the project and ask them if you want to help, I can't make decisions about other people's res.
  7. Secret i think your map link is broken :(
  8. Oh, I'll get on it.
  9. Thank you:)

    Also added district 18 on my sig :)
  10. I would love this except im not a good builder and i hate my location im just surrounded on all sides by dirt shacks.
  11. If you ever feel like leaving the dirt shacks behind, just holler. If you can think of a good idea, I'm sure you can find people who would design/build it.
  12. Actually i think i will join

    What is (are) the address(es) of your residence(s)? 1385
    What server are you normally on? smp1
    What is your project idea? (please be detailed, I'd prefer not to see "a big house")A small wooden house 12x12 with the main driving force being half slabs.
    Do you have enough materials/rupees to carry through with this project?yes.
    Do you have a SP sketch of your idea? If so, attach it. 2012-04-26_01.35.19.png
  13. Cool. Will this be the only thing on the res, or will there be other buildings?
  14. No i will have some other small buildings like a shop and storage and some farms. Also im going to need to store my stuff while im taking all my stuff over.
  15. Alright, I've added you to the waitlist, I'll PM you when an open res comes up. I can provide storage at 3043.
  16. sounds good.
  17. I still reckon my neighbourhood is sexier ;)
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  18. Bah... it doesn't have a special thread. :p