District 67

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  1. District 67

    {Owned Res 31 ~2,06% of Smp3
    Total Res of SMP3 ~1504}

    District 67 is a neighborhood project of mine. When I startet out on SMP3 I claimed as many residences around my home as I could to avoid to have unattractive residences in the neighborhood. Now I want to share these residences with creative like-minded persons to construct a district with a high density of eyecatching residences.

    What do you need to be able to join this project:
    - a free residence so you can claim one of the reserved lots
    - a project idea, which fits the purpose
    - material to finish the project
    (There is no need to rush to finish, you can take all the time you need also you dont have to start right away)

    Extra Information:
    - You can work in teams with your friends
    - Again there is no time limit you dont have to start right away and you also dont have to rush once you start
    - Please make sure you can finish the project at any point in future
    - You get the res from me, if I like the idea
    - You might meet very skilled people while building on your project and have the possibility to discover their res as well
    - This is in the first place an ART PROJECT, this means our neighborhood enjoys to discover aesthetic constructions :)
    - I gather as many res as I can so if you dont get a res now you might get one later

    How to join:

    - Start a conversation with me including: your project idea (explanation) and a name for your project
    - I'd REALLY appreciate (maybe even demand) a single player sketch of what you are going to do [Sketch = unfinished, undetailed, just to get an idea where it goes]
    - I'm also looking for a nice character, so it is easy to get along with the neighbors :) ("I'm the best" attitude wont do)

    District News

    - The District has an IRC now: http://mibbit.com/?channel=#District67&server=irc.esper.net
    - The digging at the Headquarter is finished. And the district farms will be build immediatly :)
    - Headquarter Gold Stocks hit 50%

    District 67 Map




    Achievements are little perks of the district. They will usually add some nice things to the district, what makes it different then any other neighborhood. I might change the achievments if I feel that the progress doesnt fit what I expected. Also reward may change (but this shouldnt happen to often). There maybe achievments which get unlocked, when others are finished. The list can grow at any given time.

    Pilgrims (in Progress 23/25)

    Found a village and get 25 pilgrims to settle in it.
    Reward: Public Farmsystem for all dwellers

    A new frontier (in Progress 31/35)

    Let the village grow until 45 residences are part of it.
    Reward: An advanced shop system for all merchants.

    Settled! (in Progress 5/25)

    The village is settled once 25 projects reach the status "finished".
    Reward: A wild camp with ep farm and mining oportunities. [Supporter only]

    Noble Reasons (in Progress 53/100)

    Reach a Noble Score of 100 P. Help the empire!
    Reward: No Spoiler here XD

    For each:
    Staff (Mod, Senior Mod, Admin) -> 4 P
    Diamond Supporter -> 3 P
    Gold/Silver Supporter -> 2 P
    Normal Member -> 1 P


    District 67 Headquarter

    All right, I spend all night to design a headquarter for the District 67. It is highly influencd by another project, just to make clear that I shouldnt get all the glory for the design. Anyways it is a huge project and I'd like all members to distribute to it as good as they can :) as it will serve for many nessecary tasks, as well as get a symbol for our teamwork.

    The 2 main materials, which will be needed to be farmed are Snow Blocks and Gold Blocks.

    - 2280 / 3798 [~60%] Blocks of Gold

    Gold Stand.JPG
    {screen might be a little outdated -> only update on big changes}

    - 7635 / 7544 [100%] Blocks of Snow

    Schnee Stand.JPG

    If you want to contribute you can either go mining / farming the gold and the snow. Or for the gold donate rupee (to Arlan89) , so I can clear out all stores :p Everybody is free to distributes as he/ she likes, but I think we should all work together on this one, as it will be impossible for one or two to get those materials.

    I want to point out again, the headquarter will be important for the district as it will be the same res like the public farms aso. So it will not die out and it is worth every minute of farming :)
  2. Member List:

    - ShaunWhite1982 Res: 6729 and 6731 Project: Elliptic Greenage
    - D1223m Res: 6437 Project:
    - Crazy1080 Res: 6840 Project:
    - Maxarias Res: 6730 Project: The Adorable Arena
    - JabrZer0 Res 6837 Project: Valhalla
    - Yukon1200 Res 6725 Project: Valhalla
    - Brennian Res: 6838 Project: C'tan
    - Hasorko Res: 6727 and 6839 Project: Aniyuma [finished]; Iskierka's Prison [finished]

    - Nerone94 Res: 6958 Project:
    -Todd3465 Res: 6960 and 6435 Project: Apollo [finished]; Pirate Ship [finished]
    - Copherfield Cooperates with Eclipsys
    - Eclipsys Res: 6623, 6726 and 6622 Project: Shadow Fang Castle, Aetrium Gardens [finished], Moonshine Mansion, Midnight Mansion

    - Scarligmione Res: 6526 Project: Flying Air Ship [finished]
    - 333Kirby Res: 6844 Project: Kirby Air Ride

    - Bobalek Res: 6724 Project: Sears Tower
    - Zabriel Res: 6621 Project: Sin' Saku Captivia
    - LillithFoo Res: 6434 Project:
    - Cypher_Rahl Res: 6725 Project: Jurin Keep
    - Gulfor Res: 6624 Project: Golden Gulf Hotel
    - Mozalas Res: 6525 Project: Mage Tower
    - Akira13 Res: 6728 Project: Farm House [finished]

    - FooHundred Res: 6523 Project: Castle [finished]

    Greetz Hasorko
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  4. This is a really great idea :) To bad i have my hands full already :(
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  5. Oh, if only I could claim another plot :(
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  6. Welcome Crazy1080 and Gulfor to our little project. Looking forward to see ur creations.
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  7. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join this Hasorko :) its greatly appreciated. Im interested in taking one of these residences and I have an idea in mind, but I'll have to talk to my partner in crime about it first. If we decide to go ahead I will PM you. The building I've been planning is pretty awesome so far :)
  8. hayley, if u want another partner in crime, pick me! this sounds good! i can also help other people!
  9. :) Alright as we have a couple of interested people I will have to check with my purple/ light green friends to get more res's but you dont worry about that :)

    Also welcome Maxarias :D
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  10. max, can i help u??
  11. Apparently Hasorko (District 67) owns 0.76% of all of SMP3. It's only a matter of time.
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  12. u get ur res tomorow to raise another 0.1% :D
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  14. I would like to join and would gladly Private Message you my ideas. I don't not like idea thieves the least bit.
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  16. I already have my partner in crime. He goes by the name ISMOOCH :)
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