The Difference Between Constructive Criticism and Shooting Someone's Ideas Down

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  1. The Difference Between Constructive Criticism and Shooting Someone Down

    Recently I’ve noticed a TON of suggestions, and I’m glad to see it! However, a fair amount of people haven’t been taking other people’s opinions / criticism the right way.

    When a player has a suggestion to possibly improve the Emc experience, that player should be prepared to accept other player’s opinions on the idea, whether it’s for or against it. This opinion is commonly known as constructive criticism.

    What is Constructive Criticism?
    Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve the outcome.

    What Does it Mean to Shoot Someone Down?
    To shoot someone down means to crush someone or their opinion by forceful and negative criticism in a spiteful manner.

    [ Suggestion ] Flying Permissions for Residences. I think people should be able to fly and allow other players to fly on their residence. It would make things easier and more fun than just jumping around the residence.
    • Constructive Criticism: This has been suggested multiple times before and personally, I think if this was implemented it’d be too over-powered, no matter how easy it would make things. Emc isn’t supposed to make things easy, otherwise there would be less challenges to achieve.
    • Shooting the Person Down: Dude, people need to stop suggesting this dumb idea. Seven billion people have suggested it before, why make it seven billion and one? This would be WAY to OP and staff will NEVAR add this. P.S: U suk
    Please, when suggesting an idea try understanding the other person's views and don't take their opinion as an attack. The odds are, the other person's opinion is stated to try to help the suggester understand why or why not the idea can or cannot work in Emc's community.
  2. meh, horrible idea! constructive criticism is WAY too OP and staff will NEVAR add it.
  3. The people who need to read this never will.
  4. That's why spam and links were invented ;)
  5. Sounds like breakfast. Wait, not those kind of links?
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  6. This thread is terribly ineffective! There's no way this will reach everyone so the problem can be fixed! I'm not going to be helpful in anyway in explaining my or emc's point of view on the issue or try to offer a better way to tackle! It will NEVER be done in a million years and you should be ashamed. Why did you waste your time!? And my time!? I want my time back! Why do I keep typing?! I mean really!? I'm not offering anything new, other than a bad impression of myself to impose onto people! I will rage quit while typing about your idea; it made me so mad and offended me Rar!a;jifj;iwefav;navniawllikequittingemcforevstotally

    (Did everyone like my attempt at a shootdown? The above statement is not reflective of Sgt_Pepper4's or Starlis LLC's view. It is purely for entertainment purposes and is not based of any person, company, or event and is purely fictional. Peace everyone.)
  7. P.S: U suk

    Loooool :D
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  8. This is one of those posts I'd like to like twice if possible, because what you say is absolutely true.

    Still, there is one very important thing to keep in mind as well: Not everyone is as fluent with writing than others. And sometimes a person can simply write something down as he would have said it. And when you say such a line it doesn't have to sound insulting at all, but if you write it down... Then all of a sudden things can look a lot harsher, maybe even mean. While the intention wasn't anything like that at all!

    That is also something very important to keep in mind: not everyone has a way with words.

    Obviously that doesn't change the fact that you're fully right. A little courtesy and a small bit of added effort in commenting on a suggestion can go a long way.
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  9. I love you for writing this
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  10. Maybe staff can Pin it, so it stays near the top of the thread list?
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  11. I also have seen lots of suggestions recently, some of which are good, and some that simply won't be implemented - I like how you've wrote this because it shows that you can still tell someone that their idea may be too overpowered without sounding hasty. Nicely written, and I hope people read this so that they don't go all guns blazing on the shooting ideas down train :)
  12. Thank you, finally someone gets us!
  13. I applaud ye for this. Hopefully the amount of People mistaking Constructive Critisim for Shooting Someone Done will lower, but Alas, this is not a Perfect World.
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  14. Bump, spread the word!
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  15. Thank you for this, there are a lot of people that need to read this. :)
  16. This is great advice, though my personal opinion is that we should start with the "why" instead of the "how".

    From my observation of many threads here, I would say that players on EMC are not really interested in giving constructive criticism. The "constructive" part implies a desire to build rather than to tear down. The responses I read are often phrased very specifically in order to tear down and discredit the original poster. So to change the atmosphere and improve the toxicity here I think we need to convince more people about the "why".
  17. This is typically such a thread were I don't know about why nobodey made one ever before. :D
  18. You can!

    Well, you gotta unlike it, but it is still liking it x2!
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  19. This was definitely needed! Great post.