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  1. Wait, how? Don't even most newer tv's have inputs for component cable?
  2. It looks like the same kinda thing, but my PS2 has white/red/yellow and the TV has red/white/red/blue/green

    I can put the yellow in the green hole and I get a black and white picture with sound but it's also a) black and white and b) very low resolution (480p on a 1080p screen, looks really stretched and I'm not sure if that's a limitation of the component cables or the PS2 or something else)
  3. You need composite cables. :)

    I saw an Aston Martin DB9 GT a few weeks ago. This is a picture of its side.

    I'm not a fan of gas-guzzling sports cars, but this one caught my attention because it looks like a Tesla Model 3 from the side.
  4. Been a while since I posted here... and to be honest, been a while since I posted any YouTube videos at all. It's been a lot of photography and not so much video this year, but here's a short one from Audi Driver International this year :)
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  5. Fendy, I think I might have a serious problem. I started watching a youtube series called Roadkill with Aphaea, which is fine. Then, I started noticing how easy it is to work on small block carbureted Chevys with basic hand tools. Now, I'm searching craigslist for a 70s Nova and googling ratchet vs gated shifters. Help.
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  6. Once you start to watch Roadkill, you will never stop. I've been watching for years, and look where I am with cars, obsessed! I fear you may be too far gone, instead, you will have to try and refrain from buying more than just one of these cars. That's where I went wrong, I bought four Pandas and still own three, only been driving a year and a half!

    If you happen to find a nice AMC Gremlin on your travels on Craigslist, feel free to ship it to the UK for me ;)
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  7. Oh, I think that I wont have a problem with buying another one. That's speed money that can be poured into the intake to make the fast come out of the other end.

    For real, end goal is around 450 all engine hp overbuilt to handle a 150 shot of nitrous.

    And a flat black paint job. Cause #scarymode
  8. Oh, and if I find a Gremlin, you can have that trash.

  9. Behold, my first car. 1000 euro's for a mechanically sound Toyota Corolla from 1999.

    The only downside is the cosmetics i.e. the the car paint. But that doesnt need to be tip top for the car to drive.

  10. I now and forever always will love the G-Wagon. I know some people dislike this SUV mainly because of it's boxy design, but for me that is the most attractive feature. Plus it sits pretty high up and I enjoy being able to see more. I plan to own one of these in the near future but for now will just gaze upon its beauty.
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  11. Nice one that, can't go wrong with classic Toyota reliability!

    A work mate has this exact model, same era Corolla in the same colour, and his is suffering from the same paint issues as well. Looks pink! But, as you say, a great reliable runner :)

    I quite like the G-Wagon, but not the associated price tag... boxy design is great though! For me personally, a Land Rover Defender/Series would be a more viable option as they are a lot cheaper, boxy design still, and they are great off road (if not better).

    Not to say I don't fancy a nice old G-Wagon. The newer ones have lost their refined tastes for that of posh and upmarket buyers I feel, take a look at this newer one...

    Compared to this rugged older one...

    You can see that over the years, the boxy design has stayed present, but the appeal and style has changed and it has moved directions. I'd still prefer an old one, but that's just me ;)

    Do you like the older ones or the newer ones? Or all of them? Not to say a newer one can't look good - but the older ones were great to begin with :D
  12. The older one was a more rugged terrain model just like the old Land Rovers as well. If I were to go out to the Sahara or even some frozen tundra I'd definitely take the older model (with obvious custom installed AC and Heat). The new model is more of a luxury yacht now compared to the old G-Wagon. So I'd personally love to have both.
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  13. Hey fendy, found an AMC Javelin in south Carolina for $3800, you should come pick it up.
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  14. You've actually reminded me - in saying that the new model is more of a luxury yacht, in fact, that's what the new Land Rovers are like now as well. They have actually cut the basic Defender model off now, so it's all posh and luxury, just like the G Class. It's just the way things have turned out, and I'd say that's a bad thing, as the old Defender and G Class were great cars before, not that the recent ones are bad but their style has definitely changed. The best of both worlds is to have both, as you say ;)
    Ship it over, along with a Gremlin and some other fine American motors ;)
  15. The javelin is a fine car, but the gremlin? Man, i don't know. ..
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  16. If he doesnt, ill be right over to add it to my collection :)
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  17. You don't have to have one if you don't want to, won't stop me ;)
    Not that I'd have the money or logistics for it, and the steering wheel is on the wrong side anyway - you go ahead :)
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  18. Ayt fendy, gonna cop a whip soon, not sure what to get atm but will be a manual, 5 door with room in the boot for a fat subwoofer so i can skrt my local roads with bass on max, gimme opinions please <3
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  19. You've got a very wide choice right now with manual and 5 door. You'll be limited to roughly 1.4 or lower in engine size for affordable insurance anyway... any more restrictions?

    If you want bias opinion then the mk3 5 door 1.2 Pandas are pretty decent ;)

    But really, there's a long list that you could choose from right now, ranging from cool to not so cool, classic to modern, German to French makes, etc! I had a long hunt on eBay through many cars before I found the one I wanted, and it was partly down to distance from my location :)
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