The big debate on EMC ( religious one )

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  2. Alright, my personal opinion on the whole "Religion meets Internet/Minecraft" debate.

    Those who are very passionate about their faith and beliefs should be allowed to express it, but not to the point where they are pushing it onto their community. There should be no problem with them expressing it, if someone does not like that specific person or faith they should ignore it. This is the internet, there are ways to block it out and continue playing without a problem.

    However, those who force their beliefs on other people should receive warnings, and if there is not a rule against that there should be. I do not believe anyone on EMC has tried to force their religion onto the community and that is a good thing, but I have seen people get way too easily offended by something way too small. If you find someone who is against your religion, block them before insults start flying and people's feelings get hurt.

    EMC is a place where people come in expecting a family friendly community, as well as a clean chat and forums and that is what it should be. Just remember that what new members see on the forums may effect their whole view on our community and turn them elsewhere, don't let a little thread get the best of you.
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  3. Ok, then I'd like to address something which I was typing just before the thread closed. I think there is one thing several players are ignoring or misunderstanding:

    That constitution does not apply to Empire Minecraft as an entity because EMC is a private operation, owned by Aikar, and he can do with it as he pleases. Aikar (and the staff of course!) can easily deny us the right to express our religion, our opinions, etc, etc. if he / they so choose because we express those on his private domain/area. And there is nothing which any law or constitution or whatever can do about that.

    Just like people have the right of free speech and freedom of religion, people also have the right to keep others out of their private property if they so chose.

    Nothing un-American about that.
  4. Agreed
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  5. *watched*, cannot wait to wake up to this thread.
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  6. Yay, more debates!!!

    Lance, you claimed the U.S. is trying to limit Christianity. How do you do that to the most prominent religion in your country. If anything Muslims are getting FAR worse treatments. There are many Anti-Islam rallies. Just look, America supports Israel, the country killing innocent people in the streets of Palestine claiming they are killing terrorists. Whenever I fly, I get much more security on me since I'm regarded as being a terrorist just for being Muslim. I'd like to see your rebuttal on this., Lance.
  7. I will be watching this thread. Please make sure that all comments are respectful to other players.

    Personally I have met only one atheist in my life. Most who say they are atheist are really agnostic. I have had several years in religious training. I have studied many religions and can discuss most of them.

    My opinion is that all people should be able to express their religion as they see fit. Assuming that it w ill not harm or unduly irritate another person.
  8. It's the opposite for me 0-o
    You're the guy Liam Neeson plays in Taken of the religious communities, then? :p
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  9. First Israel is a lot better then you think. They only attack buildings with terrorists bases in them. The terrosists use the innocent people as meat shields. So when Isreal has to attack to protect them selves the evil terrorists can claim oh no look at the bad people in Isreal killing little kids. It is kinda interesting there is more talk about Isreal killing innocent people then the terrorists killing inoccent people in Isreal. And they use the thing that the majority of people are christians so claim Christians attack minorities. When only 30% of Americans are really Christians. And for the Anti-Muslim most of that is targeted at Terrorists not peacful Muslims. They are called Anti-Muslim rallies because most of the terrorists are Muslim
  10. This is getting a bit off-topic, please keep your post a little more on topic so another thread does not get shut down. :D
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  11. Again I was saying limiting Chrisitanity is Anti-American. If EMC decides to do that it is their property so it is okay. People like that who go around trying to get Christians shut down are Anti-American. I never said EMC is Anti-American.
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  12. Everyone that i have spoken too for a few mins will generally admit they really mean agnostic.
  13. I laughed so hard at that xD

    I am actually currently typing my response in a word document so I will respond in a little bit.
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  14. I see, you believe killing people is fine. They are not killing terrorists. If they are why did Israelis burn a lone toddler alive? I suppose the toddler might be a meat shield. You are brainwashed by the media. Terrorists are going to kill, everyone knows that. That does not however give you the right to go kill innocent people and children.
    How the hell are Christians a minority in America? Have you seen the statistics?
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  15. Strongly agree with this, while I was reading his comment "he's brainwashed" was going through my mind the entire time. The US kills innocent people all the time, sometimes on our own soil.
  16. According to google just now 70% of Americans identified as christian in 2014...

    But back on track. I think you should express your beliefs only if you want to and try not to offend anyone. It doesnt matter someones religion a person is a person think about their personality.
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  17. This would also depend on what you consider christian.
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  18. To my knowledge, Christianity contains Catholics, Protestants, and Christians.
  19. Some would call Catholics non christian

    definition of a pagan:
    a. (in historical contexts) a person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim; a heathen.
    b. an irreligious or hedonistic person.
    c. an uncivilized or unenlightened person.

    Edited to not be offensive
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